Hitting the headlines

We’re receiving a higher number of visitors than normal after our piece in the national newspaper, “The Sun” this week.

I had braced myself for an influx of unkind comments.  I hadn’t prepared myself for the amount of support we have already received.  Thank you to those who have taken the time to email or leave messages.

There are a few points I’d like to make:

1. We own our home and pay the mortgage ourselves.  We do not claim any housing benefit.

2. Regarding tax: Mike pays through his wages as he is employed.  I am registered as self-employed.  The article mentioned that I stopped working after my sixth child was born.  What it didn’t mention is that I was working four jobs at the time. (Edit: Sorry!  In my haste I incorrectly worded this part.  I meant to write that I was working three jobs at the time and that we had four jobs between us.  I don’t want you to think I was working four jobs when I was only working three!).  Two of them within the home.  The job I stopped working in was the one outside of the home when I was made redundant.  I have continued to work from home ever since.  We have also paid tax each time we bought our homes through stamp duty etc. Therefore the question of us paying tax isn’t anything to be debated.  We always have, we still do and we (hopefully,) always will.

3. Benefits:  Child tax credits used to be paid through the wages with an adjusted tax code. Child benefit is available to all.  We do not claim Working Tax Credit.  The bulk of our income is through our wages.  As I mention in point 2 above, we both pay “into the pot”.  This “pot money” goes, amongst other things, towards state pensions, which we do not claim, and the school system which our children do not use.  However, we do not begrudge our share of the “pot money” going toward these things.  I do not understand why two adults who both pay into the pot cannot receive a universal benefit which they are already paying toward in the first place and are admonished for it and still considered a “burden”?  Is this the same as not and never having contributed yet receiving “entitlement” benefits as a lifestyle choice?  There is a conflict of a opinion here, it seems.

Anyway, if you are visiting as a result of this article (or from one elsewhere), I’d like to say hello and welcome, whether you are here as a one-off through curiosity or likely to be a regular visitor.


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9 thoughts on “Hitting the headlines

  1. I read your article. I only have 1 little girl & am a mum of 22. Most other young mums I know are happy to live off benefits instead of their other half going out to work for it. My fiancé and I have never been that type of person. He works and we only get the things that everyone gets ,child benefit/tax credit. Providing we don't have another little one by the time Caitlyn goes to preschool I plan on getting a little job.

    you and your family are an inspiration and if more people were like you as in refusing to just be happy and live off the government then the country would be in a much better way then it is.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. I have to admit I found you through "The Sun" yesterday and I am so glad I did. You have a wonderful big family and I admire you for the hard work you must put in. With 3 little boys I feel it at the end of the day but would love to expand my brood so you are a real inspiration that it can be done successfully. Well done.

  3. Well I think you are fabulous, I really don't know how you do it. You must literally pour yourself into bed at the end of the day!

    I have three boys (the eldest is at University) and the other two are 9 and 3 and I have enough trouble getting them out of the house in time for school! I read your post about age gaps and I have a large age gap between my children, and what you said rang so very true with me, they don't have a thing in common really. In hindsight, I do wish I had a smaller age gap between them.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. I found you on Twitter this morning and followed over to your article to read about your terrific family. What a wonderful life you have. I'm a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of 4. I've never been happier than I am running a tight schedule, figuring out how to feed the masses (though, I suddenly feel like a small family again lol), and making so many fun memories with my kids. You're my new hero. I cannot believe I hadn't found your blog until now! I'm your newest fan.

  5. Thank you everyone! We truly never expected such supportive messages and emails and are blown away by the support we've received already. I really do appreciate every single comment and email that people have taken the time to write.

  6. I also found you via the sun and rolled my eyes at those who accused you of being on housing benefit and the like when the article clearly didnt imply that. Not that you should have to clear that up but anyway well done to you and your beautiful family! x

  7. @Nikki: I thought the article was very well written. It just seems people are happy to pounce on a headline or a picture and make of it what they will, rather than take the time to read the words in front of them.

  8. tania, it's the same everywhere. i only have 5 children and i live in the u.s. and people still think we are on welfare because i am a stay at home mom. i think sometimes people become offended and accusatory when they are being convicted of their own choices. like "i only have have 2 children and can't _____ with both my spouse and i working. they MUST be on welfare!" to which i would say: "no….it's called good stewardship, and i'd be happy to teach you how to do it, if you're interested."

    i think you are great. love your blog. have been a subscriber and facebook fan for awhile now. can't wait to read your book 🙂

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