Should I move?

I’ve been with Blogger since I began this blog over two years ago. I don’t have any issues with it at all. It’s been simple to use and I know what I need to know about it.

I’ve got itchy feet though and have been pondering moving to my blog to a self-hosted WordPress blog. There are two things stopping me.

1. I want to keep the layout, the design and my subscribers. I want everything to stay just as it is and not lose anything. I’m not techie enough to be able to move my blog myself and I’m not rich enough (given everything that’s gone wrong this year) to get someone else to do it for me. Where can I get help?

2. What can a self-hosted WordPress blog offer me that Blogger can’t, or vice versa? Is it worth making the move?

If you have any thoughts on this please let me know in the comments below or email me at

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