My daily prayer

I don’t have a daily prayer. I have several.

I don’t pray once a day. I do it constantly.

I don’t always stop to pray. Most of the time I’m praying whilst I’m doing something. I tend to be doing something most of the time, so this works well and means that I’ve never had the excuse not to have prayed.

My prayers vary. My life varies, my circumstances vary and my needs, or the needs of those around me vary.

Sometimes I give prayers of thanks and gratitude. Certainly not often enough.

Sometimes I ask for the answer to something. Probably not often enough.

Sometimes I ask for guidance or wisdom or patience. I ask for these things many times a day.

I’m a mum, after all.

Sometimes I just ask for something. Definitely too often.

Noticing what I’ve just written it’s become clear that I pray to ask for things more than I pray to give thanks for what I have.

I need to work on that.

But first I am going to ask for one more thing

Dear Lord,

Please give me the same joy of listening to Sid’s newly learnt skill of (non stop) whistling as he clearly has.

I’m glad that he is able to learn new things. I’m glad it brings him happiness. I’m glad that he can now do what his big brother Eddie can do. I’m sure that some day I’ll look back at this time of whistling in stereo by these two small people and smile.

But at the moment, Lord, right now, I fear my ears will fall off or a vein my head will explode at the constant, high pitched, tuneless sound that is being constantly emitted from these tiny creatures whom you and I both love.

As I’m still waiting for patience, I instead ask you for your (quick) help in my finding enjoyment in listening to this… racket. Or alternatively if you could find some way of them to de-learn this ear piercing skill, I’ll be grateful for that too.

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “My daily prayer

  1. LOL – sorry, the whistling bit is funny!! I should obviously count myself lucky for the larger age gaps to have at least avoided the stereo effects of this sort of thing!
    Re: prayers – sometimes good to step back and look at how it's running through our minds! The most powerful for me is not an "ask" or a "thank" – it is the placing of my faith and confidence in God to care for us – not to fix things so that we have lots of money and a charmed life, but to keep our heads above water. Yes, there's plenty of thanks for all that we have, and we do have sooo much. When the times are good, I do totally and fully appreciate it. When they're rougher and tougher, I believe that we will get through. Trust and Faith – two very loyal friends.

  2. Trying not to laugh as I'm quite certain this is a serious prayer 😉 I admire that you are able to appreciate his happiness, even if it doesn't bring the same joy for you!! I always try to be thankful that my kids can do even those things that irritate me, rather than having a child who has a disability or is very ill- it could be so much worse!

  3. What a funny yet precious payer by you. I cannot imagine how annoying that whistling must be…

    I must agree that I tend to ask more that I give thanks…I need to work on this too!

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