Monday Weigh-In (Free Skinny Me!) – Week 4

Monday Weigh-In

This week went well until yesterday when I had a blow-out on mince pies.  Having said that, I had been everso good the rest of the week and didn’t use up my entire points allowance on any day, so I’m hoping I had enough carried over to allocate to the mince pies (which were delicious).

I use the word “hoping” because I’ve been terrible at logging everything I’ve eaten this week.  Or, to use the correct Weight Watchers term, I’ve been terrible at “tracking”.  Call it what you will, I haven’t done much of it. 

My excuse is that having followed Weight Watchers not long ago, and having got to memorise the points for the foods I eat or recipes I make, I can pretty much keep track of the points in my head.  I must get back into the habit of recording everything though, because I forsee that this will be where I stumble in the future. 

I suppose that now it’s neither here nor there as Weight Watchers have today launced a new program.  They’ve bid farewell the the points system they’ve had since, well I’m not sure since when but you understand me when I say “since forever” and have replaced it with the new ProPoints plan.

To explain it in a nutshell, the folk at WW have taken the developing scientific research into how our bodies process the food we eat.  Foods are given points according to how full they keep you.   To better explain this I’m going to use this example from the Weight Watchers website.  One croissant with 2 teaspoons of butter comes to 300 calories but would be 8 ProPoints.  However, 2 eggs and 3 slices of lean bacon, although coming in at 300 calories also, only have 6 ProPoints.  This is because you’re likely to be fuller for longer on the latter than you would on a medium croissant. 

As before you have a certain number of ProPoints allowance per day (it’s different to the old points system, so the allowance will differ to that you’d have had under the old system).  Unlike the old system, you can’t carry points over to the next day.  If you don’t use them up each day you lose them. 

However, you do have an extra 49 points per week for extras, be they toward a daily treat such as a glass of wine or, in my case, ice cream, or a weekly blow out if you just can’t go without a takeaway or you know you have a party to attend.

It seems pretty straightforward, and at least it’ll make me track my eating again as I don’t have a clue any more about what my foods are worth under the new points system.  I had a bit of a shock as my muesli which was previously 3 points under the old system is now calculated at 8 points! That didn’t seem too good even though I keep telling myself that I should really forget about comparing and just get on with following the new system.

No matter, all I hope is that it works!

My report for this week is as follows:

Starting weight: 13st 1 (or 183lbs)

Week 4 results: Lost 4½ lbs (*cheer!*)

Current weight: 12st 5lbs (173lbs)

Total loss to date: 10lbs

Amount to lose before freeing Skinny Me: 50lbs

3 thoughts on “Monday Weigh-In (Free Skinny Me!) – Week 4

  1. Well done T, you're going fantastic 🙂 I did not fare so well this week and put on a 1 lb which is my first gain in 3 months 🙁 It *might* have something to do with the fish and chips I had last Sunday evening in a moment of madness! I might check out the new WW system, my friend was talking about it up the school today, sounds interesting. x

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