You noticed your two and four year old sons drop their voices to a whisper and in response to the question, “What’s going on?!” your four year old calls back, “Nothing! I’m doing it! Don’t worry!”.

You may want to take particular note of the last two words there.

Don’t worry.

So do I worry?

Or don’t I?

5 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. The 'I'm doing it' would have worried me more. Doing what?…..Trying to get permanent marker pen off the carpet?…Trying to scrape Marmite off the walls?…Trying to fix your favourite and most useful belonging (the one you told them never to touch)? Hmmmmm, actually, 'Nothing', 'I'm doing it' AND 'Don't worry' would have bothered me. Also, seeing as I haven't got two and four yearold boys, I would have firstly wondered what they were doing in my house!

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