A Brief Introduction to Child Sponsorship with Compassion UK

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  Only three days left until Cait and I board our plane to Uganda and not a shred of packing has been done as yet by either of us. As a result, I have decided to procrastinate further by writing a post to better introduce you to Compassion UK’s work. Yesterday I gave a quick… Read More

Visiting Our Sponsored Child: Uganda – here we come (again!)


  Our regular readers (both of you, hello!), may well recall a post last year announcing how Caitlin and I would be taking a trip to Uganda with child sponsorship charity Compassion UK. Sadly, after our trip was finalised but yet to be taken my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I, being his… Read More

Changing Lives with Compassion: Uganda, Here we Come!


    It was eight years ago that I found myself lying on a hospital bed, reeling with the shock of being told that yet another pregnancy had ended just weeks after it had begun. ‘Come back next week,’ the sonographer told me. ‘We’ll scan again to make sure everything is clear.’ It seemed such… Read More

How we’re celebrating Baby 13’s birth by making a difference

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    We’re the first to admit that it’s somewhat unusual for a family to be celebrating the impending birth of their 13th child, especially in this day and age. Yet, the novelty never wears off. Never. We still wonder what whether it will be a boy or a girl, what (or who) it will… Read More

No such thing as co-incidence

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      Those of you who know us or are familiar with our old blog may know of our history of recurrent miscarriages. Last year was very difficult, having experienced miscarriages seven and eight. A month after the eight miscarriage I found out I was pregnant again, but soon after getting the positive pregnancy… Read More