Visiting Our Sponsored Child: Uganda – here we come (again!)


  Our regular readers (both of you, hello!), may well recall a post last year announcing how Caitlin and I would be taking a trip to Uganda with child sponsorship charity Compassion UK. Sadly, after our trip was finalised but yet to be taken my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I, being his… Read More

How to cut the cost of travelling (even with 13 kids!)

aberporth lineup

  With less than four weeks before we embark on the first half of this year’s travels, we’re finding ourselves receiving a few of the same questions with regards to travelling with kids. From the messages we get, it seems that the general assumption is that travelling with kids is more expensive, impractical and impossible… Read More

10 Things I Didn’t Know About Losing Weight Until I Started Losing It

tania and kids ddp yoga

  As it happens, there are a lot of things that are glaringly obvious over a year after my weight loss and fitness journey began. They were so glaring, in fact, that I was blind to them. Here are eight of the most markedly indisputable yet notably disregarded discoveries about losing weight that I am… Read More