Our Top 5 Destinations to Visit in 2018

    This year’s travel plans are yet unconfirmed and looking likely to be last-minute decisions based on whims, fancies, curiousity and adventure. Everyone has an opinion on where they would like to go. Two firm favourites and repeated requests are to revisit “Greece-and-all-the-countries-on-the-way-to-it” and what has become our home-from-home for the last few years,… Read More

Top 3 Most Extreme Localities in America that Are Worth the Trek

Couple of backpackers looking at city map

  The North America is considered to be a continent of great extremes that features some of the coldest, hottest, wettest, driest, lowest, highest, loneliest, and weirdest places on Earth. The vastness of the land and breathtaking landscapes can embody all the capacities for wonder. That has been attracting a lot of explorers and immigrants… Read More

Real World Learning for Kids: We Go Olive Harvesting in Puglia

children carrying olives on olive farm - Copy

  Appreciating food, its origin and the work that goes into producing it is something we are keen for our children to understand. In travelling, we have opened the door to many opportunities to experience where our food comes from and, much as I love books, travelling with our children has made us realise that… Read More