April 26, 2015

Review: Kids Cook French

kids cook french

  Having spoken many times about our willingness to experience foods from other cultures at least once, we were excited when we discovered a book named Kids Cook French. As you can tell by the title, it’s a children’s cookbook that talks them through recreating the delicious French dinners. Author Claudine Pépin manages to give […]

Review: Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set

Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set

  Most of us are familiar with Battroborg toys, even if we’ve not actively used any of them ourselves. Over the years, different sets have been on wishlists for Christmas and birthdays, and after trying out the Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set, we can see why. The Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set includes the arena, […]

Review: Gennaro’s Slow Cook Italian by Gennaro Contaldo


    In his new book Gennaro’s Slow Cook Italian (published by Pavilion), Gennaro Contaldo shares the recipes inspired by his childhood. Don’t automatically assume that you will need a slow cooker to pull these off – these recipes were created for slow and lengthy cooking on the hob or in the oven long before slow […]

Review: Noodle Kids

noodle kids

  Any meal that we cook is always made from scratch. We prefer to know what is in our food, which means ready meals are never seen in our house. Often when we are cooking we’ll have at least one or two helpers standing next to us, wanting to learn as much as possible about […]

Review: 100 Family Adventures

family adventures.jpg

  If you’re going to buy one book today, make it 100 Family Adventures. We read it, we made notes, and we loved it. This book is essentially a bucket list of things to do with the entire family before everyone has grown up and moved on, and some of the ideas inside are ones […]

Review: Star Stable

star stable

  While we usually try to keep everyone occupied with toys and crafts, there are some days where we’ll let the kids play on the computer or their Kindles for a couple of hours as a treat. The older and middle ones enjoy playing Minecraft and could talk for hours about it, while the younger […]

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