August 4, 2015

My Negative SlimFast Review: SlimFast Respond

slim fast

  Shortly after writing my lengthy, thorough yet negative review about SlimFast products and my reasons for deciding not to proceed with the blogger challenge, I received an email from Slim.Fast’s PR company asking if they could respond to some of the points I had made in the interests of transparency. Whilst they were extremely understanding […]

Review: Smartsun UV Indicator Wristbands


  Having been in Italy for a few weeks now, we’ve put into use all of the necessary bits we had acquired before we left to keep everyone as happy and healthy as possible. With temperatures reaching as high as 39°, making sure we keep safe in the sun is important. We’ve gone through many […]

Why I Opted Out of the Slim Fast Challenge


  Whether you are fat or thin you are bound to know the one rule of losing weight: ‘eat less, move more’. It is not a difficult concept to understand but many people, including me, have trouble following it through. As I already explained, my problem is that I love food or, more to the point […]

Gearing up to the Slim.Fast Challenge: A Foodie’s Honest Thoughts


  My friend and I spent a good while of our meeting last week despairing the scourge of weight gain. The irony that we were doing so over lunch at Carluccio’s hadn’t escaped us, yet still we continued to question why weight was such an issue. Then we ordered dessert. We enjoyed every mouthful but, suffice […]

Review: Edifier MP250 Sound to Go Portable Speaker


  With so many children and no radio in our vehicle, whenever we travel somewhere it’s not long before we’ll hear the dreaded, “Are we nearly there yet?” After a while, the ones who haven’t fallen asleep will begin singing Christmas songs or reciting We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, followed by another couple of […]

Review: CrazyTalk Animator 2


  Recently one thing that some of the family have been getting into is editing. Before we always enjoyed seeing how it worked, but never really had the skills to actually do it properly ourselves. In fact, while we’re growing in the video editing department, animation is still a soft spot, which is why we […]