Review: Gee Whizz and your chance to win!


      Something that Drumond Park have always been good at is including every member of the family, young and old. This is apparent not only in their board games but also in their more hands-on games such as Gee Whizz. It’s the must-have game in the lead-up to Halloween and unlike Drumond Park’s… Read More

Review: Pickin’ Chickens and your chance to win!

PickinChickens 3D LR

    We have been fans of Drumond Park since the older ones were young children. We’re astounded that they can put out fun, original games that are enjoyed by our entire family every year and that they never appear to run out of fresh ideas. They’ve recently released a game for kids aged four… Read More

Simply a few of our favourite things… well, Oscar’s anyway


      As of just over a month ago we are not only the parents of 13 children, but also the grandparents to baby Oscar. With Tim having turned two not long before Oscar’s arrival, it’s lovely to have a newborn around again. We get the hugs, the kisses and the windy smiles all… Read More

Getting ready for summer with House of Fraser

Cait House of Fraser green dress

  Post written by Caitlin: When it comes to fashion, I am very on the fence. I like looking nice and presentable but I’ve never been one to worry about whether what I’m wearing is trendy. I have a collection of dresses that I love to wear both in summer and winter time, with either… Read More