March 29, 2015

Review: Gennaro’s Slow Cook Italian by Gennaro Contaldo


    In his new book Gennaro’s Slow Cook Italian (published by Pavilion), Gennaro Contaldo shares the recipes inspired by his childhood. Don’t automatically assume that you will need a slow cooker to pull these off – these recipes were created for slow and lengthy cooking on the hob or in the oven long before slow […]

Review: 100 Family Adventures

family adventures.jpg

  If you’re going to buy one book today, make it 100 Family Adventures. We read it, we made notes, and we loved it. This book is essentially a bucket list of things to do with the entire family before everyone has grown up and moved on, and some of the ideas inside are ones […]

Review: Star Stable

star stable

  While we usually try to keep everyone occupied with toys and crafts, there are some days where we’ll let the kids play on the computer or their Kindles for a couple of hours as a treat. The older and middle ones enjoy playing Minecraft and could talk for hours about it, while the younger […]

How to Make Children’s Clothes Last Longer


      With so many children so close in age we are normally able to buy clothes and get years worth of wear out of them. If we get a shirt it can usually last for a few children and still look great before it needs to be thrown away or upcycled. With upcycling […]

Funnelcake: Making Photo Sharing Simpler

pictures of holiday

    There is no doubt about it, technology has come a long way over the last few years. Phones have progressed, for example. When I was younger we had one telephone with a rotary dial which was situated in the hallway. Its ring reverberated throughout the house loudly – so loud that it would […]

Review: WebAnimator Plus by Incomedia

webanimator plus

  Animating a short film or power point with Incomedia’s ingenious software WebAnimator Plus makes creating things easy and efficient. You don’t need to know how to code HTMLs, and there’s no Flash involved. Everything you need to make a brilliant advertisement, game, or film is on this single program, with no hidden necessities involved. […]

Dino Tales: Appy Learning Through Play

dino tales

  Today marks the day that the wonderful Dino Tales by Kuato Studios launches, and we are glad that everyone else is finally able to experience the app with us. It’s a video game subtly combined with education – just what is needed in this day and age where smartphones, tablets, and consoles are easily […]

Review: Braun ThermoScan 7

braun thermoscan7

  With so many of us in one house, we seem to almost always be battling some sort of sickness bug. Sometimes it’s a simple cold, other times it’s a more disgusting illness that leaves everyone vomiting. We’d pull out our trusty Braun ThermoScan 3 and within seconds know whether it’s something simple or more […]

Review: Leapfrog Leapband Activity Tracker


  Like many children, ours enjoy chasing each other around the house, burning lots of energy (and making lots of noise) as they go. With so many of us and so little room in the house, we struggle to find ways to let them exert their energy without any casualties. This was when we discovered […]

Review: CrazyTalk7 PRO

crazy talk 7

  Animation is a wonderful thing. Our children love it, whether that’s watching it, or animating objects themselves. There may be a lot of programs on the market to help you take the first steps in animation, but our favourite so far has to be CrazyTalk7 PRO. Animating with this program is entertaining, and easier […]

Preserving memories with MAGIX Photo Story 2015 Deluxe

photo story 2015 deluxe

  MAGIX have yet another amazing program that we love. After trying out their movie editing and music making software, we thought we’d give the Photo Story 2015 Deluxe a go and it turns out, it’s just as impressive! With all our birthdays, holidays, Christmas, and other events, we had accumulated a large number of […]

Review: Monster Knits for Little Monsters

monster knits

  Britain is known for its appalling weather. It’s almost always  raining, about to rain, or so cold you expect it to rain. Winter is even worse, of course, because on top of the typical British weather you have the additional rain, cold, and snow that comes with it. We can’t leave the house because […]

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