September 4, 2015

Review: Dobble


      Finding games that can get the whole family involved can be difficult at times. With so many children, we often have to get into teams or pair up when it comes to a multiplayer game due to the fact that many games only go up to four players. Card games such as […]

We Review: EuroTalk Language Learning Apps


    When people meet me now they are often surprised to hear that English wasn’t my first language. The first few years of my life were spent living with my Greek-speaking grandparents and my parents (Greek father, Turkish mother) who had not long arrived from Turkey. It might sound complicated and unusual unless you […]

Win a game of Drumond Park’s Barbecue Party!

BarbecueParty montage - Drumond Park HR

Barbecue Party is the new must-have game from Drumond Park. Who doesn’t love a game where one wrong move can send everything flying into the air? Perfect for players aged four and over, the game is simple and yet enthralling. You set up the grill and then take turns placing down or removing an item […]

We Review: Digital Filmmaking for Kids for Dummies

digital filmmaking for kids

    Filming is one of the best ways to capture memories, but a thirty-second minute shaky video filmed on a low-quality camera phone is always disappointing. For years we’ve been interested in the filming, cutting and editing together of video clips but until recently have never been brave enough to try it. Our kids […]

Safari Tales: Making Literacy Learning Fun

safari tales

    With so many young ones, we’ve recited the alphabet and sounded out words phonetically hundreds of times over the years. Most of them have begun reading quite quickly but not all of them have gone the traditional route of sitting with a book in order to practice letter and word recognition. Sid preferred building […]

We Review: SHOUTYKID – How Harry Riddles Got Nearly Almost Famous


      In our house, no matter what time of day, you can usually find someone in our house reading a book. We have hundreds of them stacked across dozens of bookcases and shelves throughout the house, and we still don’t have room for them all. Shopping for us doesn’t mean impulsive buys for […]