September 30, 2014

Make laundry easier with Big Green Smile

Big Green Smile

  If there is one thing that a large family does a lot of, it’s laundry. Usually, we’ll do between four and seven loads of washing a day. While it is time consuming, the more pressing matters are how expensive products such as laundry detergent are, and how harmful certain ones can be to skin. […]

ReadyRoom Wall Stickers Review


      During the summer the kids became accustomed to the light evenings, and if they woke up before 10pm they would be reassured by the slight glow that crept in through their curtains before the day ended. However, with it now being September and with the short days of winter approaching fast, it […]

Teach your teen to become financially independent with Duh… Money

Cover image LOW res

  It’s difficult to find a book which talks about becoming financially independent for teenagers which can successfully give the right information and engage its readers, let alone having a funny side to it too, but according to Caitlin, Duh… Money seems to have hit the nail on the head. Here is what she had […]

Review: Hardwall Takker


      With all the renovations going on in our house at the moment, we’ve unearthed a lot of pictures, canvases and mirrors that we would like on show. The problem we found isn’t finding knickknacks to put on the walls, but rather going about putting them up without ruining our brand new tiles […]

Learn to loom with Loom Band It!

Loom Band It

    If you’ve been caught up in the recent Loom Band craze but aren’t quite sure where to begin, Loom Band It is the answer. Written by professional crafters Kat Roberts and Tessa Sillars-Powell, it gives simple step-by-step instructions which anyone is able to follow, whether they’re a beginner or slightly more experienced. There […]

Review: NSA UK Three-in-One All Weather Protector

NSA Weather Protector

    When we were on our recent trip to Italy in July, we realised that the weather over there was far sunnier and warmer than anything we had really experienced before. This could have caused a problem for Tim, who turned five months on the trip, as he would have been feeling immense discomfort […]

Review: Nokia Lumia 520

nokia lumia 520

  With technology changing every day and phones being one of the most expensive and used examples, we need to make sure that the phone we do get is worth the money. Some may swear by Apple, Samsung, or HTC but for others, like me, it would have to be Nokia. The Nokia Lumia 520 […]

Learning with Leapfrog’s LeapReader


LeapFrog is a company known for its influence in helping a child learn to read and write. With their wide range of books, apps, tablets and so much more, there is no limit to the ways in which they can benefit your children. The LeapReader, LeapFrog’s official pen, will read, help your child trace letters, […]

Review: Wild City Book

wild city book

  Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield are back with the Wild City Book, and after we had been impressed by their Wild Weather Book, we had to read it. It was just as good and maybe even better. If you live in a city, it’s hard to make the most of nicer days when you’re […]

Review: My Very Own Crazy Pots


We’ve been fans of Clementoni for several years. Their science kits have especially gone down well with the older boys, providing an educational experience mixed in with fun. They’re great for home educating, and are one of our most-loved resources. Whether it’s the science kits or the more arty ones, they always entertain and inspire […]

Almondella baby gift box


      When we received our Almondella gift box, we were slightly disappointed. While the quality of the products were wonderful, the objects themselves weren’t always appropriate. The gift box was intended for Isobel, our eighteen month old. Almondella launched two years ago around Europe, and it has finally come to the UK. An […]

Surprise your dad this Father’s Day with a special edition Wilbur Smith box set


  Father’s Day is fast approaching and trying to find the perfect gift for yours may be proving to be a bit of a challenge for you. If they’re fans of the bestselling author Wilbur Smith, Wilbur Smith: The Early Years Collection Special Edition would be his dream come true. The author is a global bestseller […]

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