February 6, 2016

Review: SpyNet Laser Trip Wire

Paddy spynet

    Anything to do with spies is of extreme interest to the middle boys. Having had many spy kits they’re accustomed to the binoculars, codes and of course the torch and pen combo. One thing they’d never tried up until recently was a real laser trip wire. The SpyNet Laser Trip Wire they have […]

Review: SpyNet Vibrasonic Walkie Talkies


      Our younger boys love to pretend to be spies. The sneaking around, communicating in code and listening for information, even if it’s something boring, never seems to get old. And what does every decent spy require? Walkie talkies, of course! The best ones for the job are the SpyNet Vibrasonic Walkie Talkies […]

Review: Epson Eco-Tank 4500 Printer


    As you can imagine with such a large family who home educate, work from home, have kids who attend various social clubs as well as general forms to be filled out we spend a lot of time printing and a lot of money on ink. Our printer, despite supposedly being a good model, […]

Travelling the World from Home with the Pacca Alpaca Travel Playtime App

Travel Playtime jigsaw

    After trying out the Pacca Alpaca Basic Learning app, we knew we had to try Travel Playtime, another one of their apps. We noticed the children enjoyed playing this one as much as the former as there were a variety of games to be played, from dot-to-dots to spot the differences. There were […]

Teaching children shapes, colours and numbers with the Pacca Alpaca Basic Learning app

Basic Language Carousel

    Over the last few years it has become apparent that technology is going to play a big part in our children’s education. It’s no longer just a helping hand for older children, but is instead something that will influence kids of all ages in their learning. We don’t think this is a bad […]

Get the perfect stocking stuffer with Snapfish


    With Christmas so close we have all of our main presents bought and wrapped and he only thing left to get now are the stocking stuffers. Depending on the person and their age the contents of the stockings can vary. For example, while we might get the younger ones small teddies, the older […]