February 11, 2016

Baby A-Weigh!

Electronic baby scale

  All our babies were pretty average sizes with even the twins weighing in at 5lb 2oz and 5lb 12oz respectively. Our heaviest was a not-outstanding 8lbs 9oz so there wasn’t a real worry about birth weight as far as they were concerned. Weighing system providers ScaleSmart have come up with this fun infographic recording […]

Can Smoking During Pregnancy Harm My Unborn Child?

Image of pregnant woman touching her belly with hands

  The facts are clear – and rather alarming – in relation to smoking whilst pregnant. The effects of smoke on an unborn baby can be catastrophic, and nothing short of quitting completely will protect your child from a range of health and developmental issues. But if you need any more persuasion, some specific information […]

Vital Things You Need To Know About Pregnancy

Image of pregnant woman touching her belly with hands

    The moment you get pregnant, your life changes forever. When you start a family, you become a different person. Before you know it, you will have a little person to look after every day. It might sound intimidating right now, but being a parent is one of the most joyous and exciting things […]

Motherhood of Yesteryear: Parenting Wisdom from the Past


    Pregnancy and parenting issues seem to be subject to ever-changing advice and recommendation. It seems there isn’t a week that goes by when we are recommended to avoid something we were previously told was okay during pregnancy, or for the latest parenting advice to completely contradict the advice given in earlier days. I […]

Totally Pregnant: The only all-round pregnancy app you’ll need

totally pregnant 1

    There is no doubt about it, pregnancy is a special time indeed regardless of whether it’s your first or your tenth baby. One thing is for certain, no matter how many times you go through it, you’re bound to have questions or need support and reassurance at some point. Totally Pregnant is a […]

Life After Birth – What To Expect After Having A Baby

mother kissing smiling newborn baby

    After carrying a child for 40 weeks and then giving birth, whether naturally or via c-section, your body will go through an incredible strain. It has basically acting as a lending tool for the past 40 weeks and whilst it can be a relief to have finally given birth, the relief is not […]