Baby A-Weigh!

Electronic baby scale

  All our babies were pretty average sizes with even the twins weighing in at 5lb 2oz and 5lb 12oz respectively. Our heaviest was a not-outstanding 8lbs 9oz so there wasn’t a real worry about birth weight as far as they were concerned. Weighing system providers ScaleSmart have come up with this fun infographic recording… Read More

Can Smoking During Pregnancy Harm My Unborn Child?

Image of pregnant woman touching her belly with hands

  The facts are clear – and rather alarming – in relation to smoking whilst pregnant. The effects of smoke on an unborn baby can be catastrophic, and nothing short of quitting completely will protect your child from a range of health and developmental issues. But if you need any more persuasion, some specific information… Read More

Look at who’s a month old already!

We opted for traditional names for our children

      This first month of Tim’s life has gone by so quickly. I still can’t believe that he’s here, yet paradoxially, it also feels like he’s been a part of our family forever. I simply can’t imagine life without him. Please don’t forget Tim’s Journey, and please do donate anything you can so… Read More

Tim’s Journey

Baby 13 approximately 12 hours old. Being well cared for in SCBU.

    Our 13th child was born on 15th February 2014.  Despite being born at full term gestation at 37+4 weeks, Tim had difficulty breathing and spent the first week of his life in special care. Here is his story:     None of our other children had needed special care before – not even… Read More

How we’re celebrating Baby 13’s birth by making a difference

wicker pram

    We’re the first to admit that it’s somewhat unusual for a family to be celebrating the impending birth of their 13th child, especially in this day and age. Yet, the novelty never wears off. Never. We still wonder what whether it will be a boy or a girl, what (or who) it will… Read More

Baby 13′s Pregnancy Diary: Week 37

Baby shoes

  37 weeks? Really?! We’re now into the final countdown of delivery day and, as an added bonus, the day has been brought forward to the 19th instead of the originally planned 20th. Apparently, the hospital doesn’t schedule in c-sections to be done on Thursdays. Saturday was the day that sudden urgency hit. ‘We’ve only… Read More