March 31, 2015

Video Special: Italy 2014 – The Highlights


    The last couple of years have seen us visit Italy for our annual holiday. Well, holiday isn’t quite right – we’ve continued to work while away – the difference being that we work from a  location other than our home. This is where the ability to work and learn remotely, anywhere, any time, […]

The Marvellous Truth About Travelling With Your Kids

Discussing volcanoes with Vesuvius as a backdrop, and learning about Romans whilst standing in their very own homes in Herculaneum

    As a parent, you may have become so preoccupied with day to day family life that the importance of exposing your children to history and culture and nature may have escaped you. Yet, when your children are little, the world is still big, fresh, and new for them. These can be the most […]

UK Holidays with a Difference

windmill north norfolk countryside england

    There’s no need to go abroad to experience something truly unusual when you go on holiday this year. Britain has some wild and wonderful destinations which are easily accessible without forking out the price of a plane ticket. From quirky glamping to renovated water towers here are some the more whimsical holidays these […]

How to plan the perfect camping adventure with kids

Family camping in the park

    Lots of parents rule out the idea of camping with kids because they think these trips will be too much hassle and stress. In fact, with a little careful planning, such outdoor adventures can represent the perfect family holidays. These cost-effective vacations give you and your brood the chance to explore new places, […]

Holidaying with a Large Family

Flip-flops on the beach

    Sometimes we need a break away from our lives. You might have experienced tough times financially. Sometimes you might have had a particularly stressful year. Maybe you had to move house. Maybe you had a personal tragedy. Whatever the reason it’s probable that you feel like a break. You and your family might […]

Alternative activities to book around the UK this Christmas

Skydiver jumps from an airplane

    Christmas: a time for turkey, the Queen’s speech, presents, family arguments, tissue paper hats, trees shedding needles all over the floor, the Doctor Who Christmas special and more chocolate consumption in one day than is probably healthy for anyone. It’s the same every year because it’s a time for tradition, but some people […]

Best Holiday Destinations in Europe for Children

Rome 01 May 2013 038

    Regular readers will know that we are huge advocates for travelling with children. Giving kids the opportunity to experience different cultures, foods and places in general within new countries opens them up to a wealth of new knowledge – the main beauty being that they don’t even realise that they’re learning because they’re […]

Unusual Things to Enrich Your Next Family Holiday

Multi-Generation Family Enjoying Walk In Beautiful Countryside

    Finding things for the whole family to do when you go on holiday can be difficult. Sometimes parents want to lounge by the pool or wander around museums. But the kids would prefer a visit to a water park or something more adventurous. Even though you don’t want the kids to be bored, […]

Alternative family fun days out

girl on a balcony

    2014 is drawing to a close and mummies and daddies everywhere are bracing themselves for the impending Christmas Holidays. While everywhere we look we’re bombarded with images of Santa’s Grotto, ice rinks and Christmas pantomimes looking to draw us all in, this can seem a bit samey, particularly for the seasoned parent who’s […]

3 Awesome Ideas for a Fun-Packed Family Day Together

Family take a walk in autumn forest

    Family living in the 21st century can present us with many challenges. There are endless distractions today, in the form of video games, cell phones and laptop computers. Just trying to get the family to all sit down together for an evening meal can be difficult enough. But when it comes to spending […]

What to Do in Berlin With Kids

Berliner Dom, Berlin

    If you’re planning a holiday with your kids, Berlin may never have crossed your mind. However, it’s a fantastic city to visit for all ages. The sheer amount of fun things you can do here are sure to make any family happy! Here are just a few things you can enjoy in Berlin […]

Home again, home again…

Anna facing villa zadra

    Two days ago we returned from a month long visit to our favourite place. We loved it here so much last year that we couldn’t wait to return… and return we did. Last year’s trip was spent rushing around from place to place, being touristy and seeing and doing lots. This time we just […]

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