March 29, 2015

Competition: Win a Motorola Pet Camera and a £100 Argos Voucher

kitten with camera

    If you have a pet with a huge personality you will know only too well the mischief he or she can get up to. Not too unlike children at times, they like to get in a pickle or two – especially when they think you aren’t looking! Share your pet’s mischievous moments with Argos […]

7 Top Tips for Winter Pet Care

child hugging a cat and dog

      Love it or loathe it, winter is going to be here for a little while longer yet. While we might find ourselves making changes to better deal with the colder weather, our pets are often left to their same old routines. Here are 5 top tips on caring for your cat or […]

The Top Five Reasons To Invest in a Mark Todd Rug For your Horse

Todd Rug

    If you’ve just bought a horse or you’ve noticed that the temperatures have dipped and that it is more than a little chilly outside, you may be considering investing in a rug for your horse, such as a Mark Todd rug.  Some people have very little information about Mark Todd horse rugs, therefore, […]

Your Little One and Their Best Friend: Children and Pets

child hugging a cat and dog

    Animals are cute, fluffy and playful, but did you know that having a pet could also help your children learn and develop? So next time your children nag about wanting a puppy or a pet tortoise, stop and consider it. A pet is an important part of the modern day family – here’s […]

All Things Furry and Feathered: How to Relieve Pet Allergies at Home

allergic to cat

    We are a nation of pet lovers and many families share their home with a much-loved animal friend. Whether they are furry or feathered, our pets can be a great source of pleasure and comfort but unfortunately, they can also trigger allergies in some people. Here is a look at how you can […]

How To Keep Your Family Pet Pooch Happy And Healthy

Golden Retriever

  If you take on a pet, you have a responsibility towards it. You must have heard the saying about a dog being for life and not just for Christmas; it holds true still. Think about the implications of owning a dog. Everyone can imagine themselves walking along with their best friend at their side, […]

What makes the perfect family pet? Five things you need to consider:


    Agreeing to take on any pet, big or small, scaly or furry is a big commitment. It is important to recognise the responsibility of owning and caring for an animal, the time they take to keep happy and healthy as well as the financial implications or buying a new friend. So before you […]

Taking Your Pet on Holiday

beach dog

    If your family can’t bear to leave Fido or Rex behind with a neighbour while you go gallivanting off to exotic places, then you should consider taking your pet with you. There are a variety of places that you can take your furry – or scaly – friend for a delightful vacation. However, […]

Why Adopt a Senior Dog?

senior dog 1

    If you’re thinking about getting a dog, for the family or for yourself, you’re most likely thinking about purchasing or maybe even adopting a puppy. However, have you thought about adopting a senior dog? There are millions of older dogs out there that struggle to find homes after their previous owners can no […]

Are Pet Portraits a Good Idea or a Step too far?

cat on frame on a white background in studio

  It’s no secret that we are a nation of pet lovers. Our pets are no longer seen as just animals, either. There’s a huge market out there now for accessories, clothes, tableware and even birthday cakes for your pets. But where do we draw the line? We may need to address this question now, […]

Choosing the Perfect Pet for Your Family

selection of animals

    Families differ; while some are boisterous, sporty types who like to be out a lot, enjoy playing football in the park, going out on bicycle rides and generally being healthy, others are more sedentary, enjoying nothing more than gathering around with a pizza to watch a film together. These are two extremes, but […]

Top 10 Gifts for Furry Friends


    With the holiday season fast approaching and the weather getting increasingly cooler, there has never been better time than now to treat our pets to something special. Here are ten of the best gifts to treat your pet to this year. Get your pet online We have Facebook and Twitter, but what is […]

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