April 25, 2015

Competition: Win a Motorola Pet Camera and a £100 Argos Voucher

kitten with camera

    If you have a pet with a huge personality you will know only too well the mischief he or she can get up to. Not too unlike children at times, they like to get in a pickle or two – especially when they think you aren’t looking! Share your pet’s mischievous moments with Argos […]

7 Top Tips for Winter Pet Care

child hugging a cat and dog

      Love it or loathe it, winter is going to be here for a little while longer yet. While we might find ourselves making changes to better deal with the colder weather, our pets are often left to their same old routines. Here are 5 top tips on caring for your cat or […]

The Top Five Reasons To Invest in a Mark Todd Rug For your Horse

Todd Rug

    If you’ve just bought a horse or you’ve noticed that the temperatures have dipped and that it is more than a little chilly outside, you may be considering investing in a rug for your horse, such as a Mark Todd rug.  Some people have very little information about Mark Todd horse rugs, therefore, […]

Your Little One and Their Best Friend: Children and Pets

child hugging a cat and dog

    Animals are cute, fluffy and playful, but did you know that having a pet could also help your children learn and develop? So next time your children nag about wanting a puppy or a pet tortoise, stop and consider it. A pet is an important part of the modern day family – here’s […]

All Things Furry and Feathered: How to Relieve Pet Allergies at Home

allergic to cat

    We are a nation of pet lovers and many families share their home with a much-loved animal friend. Whether they are furry or feathered, our pets can be a great source of pleasure and comfort but unfortunately, they can also trigger allergies in some people. Here is a look at how you can […]

How To Keep Your Family Pet Pooch Happy And Healthy

Golden Retriever

  If you take on a pet, you have a responsibility towards it. You must have heard the saying about a dog being for life and not just for Christmas; it holds true still. Think about the implications of owning a dog. Everyone can imagine themselves walking along with their best friend at their side, […]

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