May 27, 2016

Guess Who Kicked Cancer’s Butt?

Jim Out

      After six months of taking it easy on an extended sabbatical my brother is finally back home. Okay, so if I’m honest it wasn’t quite a fun, relaxing trip or anything. It was a fight against leukaemia. When he was first diagnosed I was trying to reassure the children that Jim would […]

Losing My Normal


      It’s gone 9pm and I am sitting listening to nothing but silence around me. It’s a novelty, this silence thing. I am used to being surrounded by people and with the bustle of children following me from the moment I wake up until not long before I go to bed. Silence is […]

Spring Picnics and Family: The Perfect Combination


      There is something quite appealing about the first sunny days after a long, dark winter. As I look out of the window now it could all have been an illusion but, for a few days at least, we could have been forgiven for thinking that spring was well under way and the […]

My Weight Loss Success Story: Now Featured on the DDP Yoga Site Itself!

ddp yoga success story

    How ridiculously excited am I? Allow me to tell you! I have just received notification that my weight loss story is now featured over on the DDP Yoga website itself! Words cannot even begin to explain how thrilled I am. It was only fairly recently that I revealed all about our weight loss journey. […]

Today someone will save my brother’s life in just 2 minutes. Now I will show you how to do the same


        November 13th 2015 would be the first date to turn our family’s lives upside down in the months to come. My brother Jimmy – a fit and healthy sporty type, a lecturer of public services, a gym regular and a hardened anti-smoking advocate – was admitted to hospital after experiencing a […]

Life is changing and I don’t like the way that it’s going


    Thursday 24th March was the day our family was due to be setting off for little over six weeks of fun in the sun. We should have been driving out of the Eurotunnel, making our way across Germany in anticipation of the weeks ahead where we would be discovering new countries and experiencing […]