August 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen!

Caitlin Sullivan

    Last Sunday was Caitlin’s 16th birthday. We couldn’t quite believe that it was already 16 years since I waddled into the hospital ten days overdue and completely, utterly fed-up. Induction day couldn’t come quick enough at the time – the summer that year was experiencing a terrific heatwave and keeping cool was a […]

We all want to keep our children safe


  All of us. Everywhere. So trust me, immigrants aren’t ‘flooding the country’ to get £40-odd of benefits. Considering the whole world’s population can fit in an area the size of Wales and the numbers at Calais are nothing but a drop in the ocean it’s time to get off this scare-mongering propaganda. There are […]

Here’s Where My Family Life Happens

Oliver's 6th birthday with his Minecraft cake and siblings

  My favourite place to be is at home. Our house works very hard to take care of all of us. Each of us has our own favourite spot to be in the home too. For me, I love it when we’re all in the kitchen. I might be cooking our evening meal, and some […]

5 Things I Decided to Do (or Stop Doing) Before I Hit Forty

Tally stroke marks counting to five

  Turning forty is one of those major milestones in life. It is the time when life supposedly begins and is a significant moment when you realise that who you are now is a mile away from who you once were, not least in the physical sense. I look back at my teen self who […]

We’ve made the local newspaper… in Italy!

sullivan family in italian newspaper june 2015

  The story of our visit to the Barduca organic farm has made the local newspaper in Italy. How unexpected (and pretty wonderful too!). Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on faves Buzz it up Share on Linkedin share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Share on technorati Tumblr it […]

The truth about large family travel packing


  Contrary to popular belief, packing for our family does not start many weeks before we set off on our travels. In fact, it is very last-minute  indeed. The holiday packer in any family will agree that it takes grit and determination to pack for your break away, whether you’re heading off on a two […]