March 5, 2015

How to Gut a Fish: A Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial by Paddy (Aged 7)


    Paddy was keen to learn how to gut and cook fish… so that’s what he did! Soon enough, not only was he a dab hand at gutting the fish by himself but also teaching his siblings how to do it too. As if that wasn’t enough for a seven-year-old to know, he also […]

Cooking for a large family…


      …is usually a family affair. We are most definitely a family of foodies. We do love food (so much so that I’ve put on a stone over the winter months. Time to hit the gym again!) and we are extremely fortunate to have a pretty sizeable kitchen. Fortunate to be big enough […]

Family Update: Exciting Times Ahead!


    It is official. 2015 is going to be the year for us. The year for us. After many, many years of talking and planning and dreaming about it, and more than a year of preparing the house for selling, the ball has finally been moved from its rock steady spot and is rolling. We […]

Trying Something New


    Generally, we like to try new things. We like to see new countries, visit new places and, being such a family of foodies, we like to try new recipes and foods we might not have ever tried before. After watching several of the River Cottage series which they claimed to be doing for […]

Making Homemade Ravioli: It’s a Family Affair

how to make homemade ravioli

  My Saturday plans to make fresh ravioli for dinner ended up with the opening of the culinary domestic sweatshop. Paddy came on board to cook the filling earlier on during the day. Afternoon came around and with the filling now cool, it was time to begin preparing the ravioli. Obviously, with 13 of us […]

A Week of Birthdays


    We ended up marking the end of more than a month of various bugs and illness by celebrating three birthdays within five days. Ben celebrated his 22nd birthday on the 10th, miles away from us of course, being in the chilly north for uni while we are remain in the almost-as-chilly-but-not-quite-as-cold south-east. A […]

The Simple Things: Chicken-keeping, Fruit-picking and Home-made Preserves, Oh My!

fruit picking

    The one thing that we’re really looking forward to doing when we move is growing and rearing our own food. We’re looking forward to knowing where it has come from, what it contains and how it has reached our table. We have owned chickens for eight years now and I can safely say […]

Questioning My Sanity: The Verdict Is In

The Sullivan Family

    It seems like an eternity since we returned from Italy, getting straight back into continuing work on the house in preparation for selling. Although we have only been back since the end of August it seems ages since the photo above was taken. Of course, if you are sitting there counting everyone you […]

Win a game of Doh Nutters! ***Competition Ended***

DohNutters 3D L LR

    Larger Family Life has teamed up with Drumond Park to give away one game of Doh Nutters to each of our three lucky winners!  For your chance to win head over to our Doh Nutters review to find the answer to the following question.  Then come back to this page and leave your […]

Our Family Story on Film

All twelve children - the Sullivan family

    I have some public speaking engagements coming up, and trying to explain what our family is about in a three minute introductory video is easier said than done! I’ve given it a shot.  What do you think?                         Blog this! Bookmark on […]

Media Request: Are you Britain’s Busiest Mum?

Happy young family

      Could you be Britain’s Busiest Mum?  Then we need you! A weekly magazine is searching for a new Mum of triplets, quads or more to participate in a brand promotion feature. If you live in London or the South East, are a mum of multiples under 12 months old, and would like […]

Why Lauren Sandler has got the ‘only child’ argument all wrong

family at home

        American journalist Lauren Sandler feels so strongly that only children are so unfairly demonised and negatively stereotyped, that she has written a book about why the choice to have an only child is better for both the parents and the child. Sandler, an only child herself and the mother of one, […]

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