May 27, 2015

Gearing up to the Slim.Fast Challenge: A Foodie’s Honest Thoughts


  My friend and I spent a good while of our meeting last week despairing the scourge of weight gain. The irony that we were doing so over lunch at Carluccio’s hadn’t escaped us, yet still we continued to question why weight was such an issue. Then we ordered dessert. We enjoyed every mouthful but, suffice […]

Large Family Travel: Organisation and Preparation


  With only weeks left until we set off on our travels, organisation and preparation is stepping up considerably. Packing for 13 people for two month trips is not as daunting as it might seem as long as you are able to remember everything that everybody needs or might need. My memory is somewhat schizophrenic; […]

Our Large Family Story on Film – Updated

    Meet our family. 2 parents. 13 children. One big home-working, home-educating, travel-loving, almost-self-sufficient(ish) large family! See our story on film:     You can also watch the previous version of our story here:     Watch more videos and keep up with the latest from our family on our YouTube channel. Click here to […]

The Secret to a Happy Relationship? An Escape Fund


  It isn’t the most family-friendly advice you would have expected, is it? But the truth is, things go wrong. And if they do, is it better to be prepared for it? And there is more to being a family than the traditional ‘two parents plus child(ren)’ set-up. As you may know, Mike and I […]

Why I want my children to have less in life


  It probably isn’t often that you will come across a parent openly stating that they would like their child to have less in life. After all, why on earth would a parent want their child to have little? Surely we ought to want them to have the whole world and more, shouldn’t we? Not […]

12 Things Your Children Won’t Remember (But You Probably Will!)

music audio tape vintage

    Every now and then Mike and I will take a walk down memory lane prompted by the words ‘Do you remember… ?’, which inevitably ends up with at least one child questioning what on earth we are talking about. Attempts to describe often prove futile and end up with us searching Google images […]

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