June 26, 2016

Pay Yourself First

Piggy bank in vice

        You work hard every day and are as guilty as most putting other peoples’ needs ahead of your own.  The notion of saving money for long term goals seems next to impossible given all the day to day expenses you’re strapped with. You’ve no doubt asked yourself how you can save […]

Top tactics for saving money in the home

Money Cut

      There’s unlikely to be a homeowner around who wouldn’t like to save a pound or two on their household costs. Whether it’s regular utility bills, or the family food shop, there are a number of small changes you can make to have a big impact on the price.   Gas   Stop […]

Saving water in the home


    A couple of years ago our home was switched to a metered water bill. This meant that we quickly became more aware of our water usage and in turn were able to cut down the costs of our water bill. We found we were quick to turn off the lights in the home, but didn’t […]

7 ways to get on top of your finances in 2016


    The new year sees many of us making resolutions of one sort of another. We will lose weight, we will stop smoking, we will get fitter. We will. We will. We will.   Until the third week of January when we have all but forgotten the promises we made to ourselves not that […]

Save Money on Motoring Costs this Christmas

Steering hand

    Almost everyone loves Christmas. Even those notorious festive baddies, the Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge, couldn’t deny the most wonderful time of the year. The former loved it so much he tried to steal the whole thing for himself, and the latter – despite his initial grumbles – ends up the most enthusiastic of […]

Off to uni? Follow our top tips to avoid losing a housing deposit

shape home sign in a glass jar on wooden table

  With Ben now approaching his third year of university we thought it’d be apt to help out prospective students when it comes to the nerve-wracking experience of moving out of your home and into student accommodation. As parents, you’re probably well aware of some of the horror stories associated with student lettings. From poorly […]