May 26, 2015

Holiday Essentials for Less: Our Summer Fashion Bargain Haul Uncovered

Woman holding shopping bags

  Our family generally sticks to two shopping seasons when we will do a big shop for each family member. Every spring and autumn we will see who has what, who needs what and what items are still in good enough condition to be passed down or kept, and then we’ll get hunting to buy […]

How to Become a Millionaire

Luxury house

  We have all heard of Valentine’s Day, Father’s and Mother’s Days and even Talk Like a Pirate Day, but tomorrow marks the day where we can all dream big. May 20th is National Be a Millionaire Day – the day when we don’t just leave our dreams in our hearts but are inspired to […]

When is it right to start talking to your child about money? (Plus £5 for every reader!)

Pocket money

  Vanessa Cameron, Qwiddle founder, former banker and mum of three, shares her advice on teaching children about money. Larger Family Life readers can also receive a £5 credit when they open a Qwiddle account. Read on to find out more: You can often hear parents chatting about how much pocket money they give their […]

I’ve Been Thinking About Switching Energy Suppliers and Here’s My Top Tips for You

Power button of a computer, energy save

  If you’re like me, you’re probably sick of opening up energy bills that cause your jaw to drop to the floor. After all, we’re so careful about turning things off and keeping the thermostat down. Every bill is so much higher than the last. It seems other companies charge less per year, so I’ve […]

Top 10 Deals for Moneysaving Family Days Out in May

discount london

    Spending time together and making fun memories is vital when you have children. Spending big money on doing so is not. We have got together with Discount London to round up some of the best deals around this month so, with another half term fast approaching, why not make it one that you […]

Money Management for Kids Made Easy With Qwiddle

Sid gardening

  Cooking meals, washing clothes and managing money are key skills every parent should pass on to their children before they leave home. One lesson we try to instil in our children is that you don’t get anything in life for free and neither should you expect to. As I wrote earlier this week, we […]

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