April 23, 2014

New ISAs Explained: What do the ISA changes mean?


    The Chancellor recently announced that ISAs will be changing with effect from 1st July 2014. But why are they changing and what does this mean for savers?   What is an ISA and what does it do? ISAs are individual savings accounts which protect your hard saved cash from the taxman. All the […]

Why saving regularly for your children is a bright idea

Child and Piggybank

    As a parent you want what’s best for your children, from the moment they are born to the moment they leave home – and beyond. One way of helping them along their way when they reach adulthood, is to start saving regularly for them as they grow up.  Whatever their goals are, having […]

Cost of Raising Your Children Through the Years

Piggy bank and blocks spelling baby on pink background

    So, you’re having a baby. Great, lucky you! You’ve probably got a lot on your mind. Will I be a good mother/father? Will it be healthy? What if it turns out to be that demon child from Rosemary’s Baby and brings about the End of Days? All legitimate concerns. What you may or […]

Save water, save money with free water saving products

dripping tap

    SaveWaterSaveMoney was established in February 2007 with the aim of helping British householders reduce their water wastage and bills. The company works with 14 Water Companies to distribute free water saving devices to their respective domestic customers. The site has received orders for over 60,000 water and energy saving products from homeowners in […]

Supermarket Savers: How to get money back on your grocery shopping

Woman shopping at the supermarket

    Keeping to a weekly grocery budget take some doing, especially with the continuing rise of food costs. The good news is that it isn’t impossible to do, and there are several tips and tricks to help you in your quest to save money on your groceries. Quido has been a reliable and long-time […]

Frugal family foodies

Contôle du ticket de caisse

    As we all face skyrocketing energy prices, keeping the family warm and well-fed requires a savvy approach. Whilst there are several ways to keep costs low, when feeding a big family it’s a great idea to find out how to reduce food costs.   Saving energy when cooking As you’ll see if you […]

5 household cleaning products you can make yourself

homemade cleaning products

    Making your own household products is inexpensive, and quick and simple to do. You get results with natural ingredients, plus it saves a lot of money too. What’s not to love?   How to make your own laundry detergent  Three ingredients is all it takes to make almost 5 litres of your very […]

How to Save Money on Travelling


    Travelling to unknown places, learning new things and getting new exciting experience, or visiting the places you’ve already been to and enjoy the emotions you get while being somewhere you’ve had such great emotions once – I bet all people love traveling (even those who say they don’t). The joy and excitement provided […]

How To Save Money on Car Insurance

Fotolia_50723215_XS (1)

  Owning a car in an expensive undertaking, particularly if you are trying to support a family. It’s a Catch 22 situation though, because families often need the flexibility of a car more than most. So how to save money? Certainly the high cost of car insurance doesn’t help mums who are already struggling to […]

12 Moneysaving Tips to Stay Warm This Winter

Haus mit Wollmütze im Schnee

    Winter has well and truly set in now. Christmas is over, a new year has begun and the bills are on their way in. It’s cold, miserable and we’re all feeling pretty skint. The last thing we need to worry about are rising energy bills but just how can we ensure we keep […]

Quick and easy ways to save money on energy bills

energy-saving pigs

    We all know how it goes. We’re parents. We have jobs. We have homes to run. We don’t have enough hours in the day. We’re just busy. Yes, we know how much energy bills are soaring and we’re feeling the pinch. And yes, we know we can save money if we got around […]

10 Ways for Large Families to Holiday Abroad on a Budget

Cyprus sea caves

    People often wonder how large families can possibly afford to holiday abroad. It’s a fair question. I too look at some prices in the travel agents windows for a fortnight for two adults and two children, and the eye-watering amounts glaring back are shocking enough – and that’s even before adding in multiple […]

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