December 17, 2014

Pros And Cons Of Giving Your Toddler A Sibling

Kids sticking out tongues

    When your first child reaches their second birthday, it is so easy to forget the hardships we have suffered as Mums getting to this point. Once we had decided we wanted a family, it felt like it took an age to get pregnant. Every month spent waiting to see if this was the […]

Would you trust this PR with your brand?

Metaphor of a persons who choose not to speak, ear and see.

      We’ve been blogging in some shape or form for almost ten years. We now run or manage several websites including Larger Family Life, which has been running since 2008 and now has more than 9,000 Facebook followers and over 4,200 Twitter followers. Every day we receive emails and press releases by the […]

Why I don’t dread turning 40

when I am old I shall wear purple with a red hat that doesn't go

  Tomorrow I turn 40. You know, it’s when life begins. Supposedly. It’s the milestone I feel I’m supposed to dread coming but I’m not. Because I’m quite looking forward to getting older and becoming intentionally more eccentric. I’m looking forward to being able to get away with stuff that I can’t get away with […]

14 Ways to a Moneysaving Wedding

Wedding rings

    Planning a wedding is an exciting time but it can also be one of the most financially pressurising too. Here are some fabulous ways to get the wedding you want for less…   Plan well ahead The longer you have to plan your big day, the more chance you have of grabbing deals […]

The fragility of life

white feathers

    On Friday mornings I pack up my portable office and, with my laptop, mobile, pad and paper in hand I head off to ‘the office’ to get two or three hours of undisturbed work in. ‘The office’ being a local coffee shop with free wifi. As you can appreciate, things can get a […]

It’s only a matter of time


    It’s Tuesday evening and the rest of the children have gone to bed. Cait is staying with a friend for a few days and Mike is at the gym. I have the evening to myself. I have four craft projects on the go, a load of dirty nappies in the washing machine, a […]

The Simple Things: Chicken-keeping, Fruit-picking and Home-made Preserves, Oh My!

fruit picking

    The one thing that we’re really looking forward to doing when we move is growing and rearing our own food. We’re looking forward to knowing where it has come from, what it contains and how it has reached our table. We have owned chickens for eight years now and I can safely say […]

Top Driving Tips That All Teenagers Should Know About

Woman holding ripped L plate after passing driving test

    As a teenager, you feel pretty awesome about yourself when you get your driver’s license. You now have the freedom to travel in your car whenever you want, and wherever you want! Having a legal entitlement to drive also means that you have a better chance of getting a job. The only downside, […]

Choosing A Care Home For Your Elderly Relative


    Once you have made the decision of moving an elderly relative into a care home there is the choice of venue to mull over. This can be tricky with a number of factors likely to influence you. Here are some considerations when making this big step in your relative’s life. These aspects obviously […]

Back to life…

Anna and Libby on Villa Zadra driveway

    Back to reality. This time last week we were making the 13 hour drive back from our month in Italy with 11 of our 13 children via a two day stop-off in France. It was a long day having begun at 4am, and an extremely long drive, what with having to add an […]

Why divorces do not need to be expensive

divorce cake with bride and groom

    While many marry with the best intentions, it is a sad fact that some marriages simply don’t work out. Wealthy divorces are becoming more expensive in the UK with financier Chris Hohns divorce looking set to be the largest in British history. The media comes alive with an attentive buzz when the finer […]

5 Things to Consider Before Fostering a Child

Paper chain family

    Quite a few of the large families we meet through this site have expanded through adoption or fostering. There is no doubt that fostering provides a valuable service to those who need it most, offering support and practical help to families in need of both short and long-term help. A loving, secure environment […]

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