August 27, 2015

We all want to keep our children safe


  All of us. Everywhere. So trust me, immigrants aren’t ‘flooding the country’ to get £40-odd of benefits. Considering the whole world’s population can fit in an area the size of Wales and the numbers at Calais are nothing but a drop in the ocean it’s time to get off this scare-mongering propaganda. There are […]

10 Wedding Traditions from Around the World

Wedding rings

  Last week Mike and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. ‘Celebrated’ is putting it very loosely indeed. What actually happened is that Mike came downstairs in the morning and wished me a ‘Happy Anniversary’, and I promptly burst into tears. Then we spent the day as we do any other until the evening when […]

12 Things Your Children Won’t Remember (But You Probably Will!)

music audio tape vintage

    Every now and then Mike and I will take a walk down memory lane prompted by the words ‘Do you remember… ?’, which inevitably ends up with at least one child questioning what on earth we are talking about. Attempts to describe often prove futile and end up with us searching Google images […]

Don’t Drink and Drive: Not Just a Christmas Campaign

Steering hand

    We are all aware of the increase in the ‘don’t drink and drive’ campaigns during the run-up to Christmas but raising awareness of the dangers of drink driving shouldn’t be limited to the festive period. The onset of summer, with its warmer weather, garden BBQs, lunchtime tipples and long, lazy weekends with friends […]

The Disturbing Trend of Frankenstein Foods: Are We Really a Nation of Culinary Sloths?

yowk kit

    Growing up with a Turkish mother and a Greek father, my brother and I were raised with the delights of mediterranean food. Every meal was made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Our home would constantly be filled with the aroma of fresh herbs and spices and we were introduced to a variety of […]

What’s the Most Important Thing Your Mother Taught You?


    Originally marking ‘a day in praise of mothers’ on the fourth Sunday of Lent, and a day when maids and servants were granted time off from serving their masters in order to visit their mothers, Mothering Sunday is here again. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums reading this! Many will stop to […]