April 24, 2014

Patience is a virtue… just not ours


    We have waited patiently for the right time to move for years. For as long as I can remember – certainly at least a decade as I remember discussing it when Harry was a baby – we’ve been making plans for a more self-sufficient life. We knew what we had to do in […]

Another step closer to living our dream…


      A couple of weeks ago we announced that the time had finally come for us to go and realise our long-held dream of living a more self-sufficient life.  For those who commented and emailed us to say that this part of our lives would make a great book – yes, we agree! […]

It’s time to go…

New chapter

    Those of you who are long-time readers or who watched us on ’16 Kids and Counting’ last year might remember us talking about our desire to move away with a view to becoming a little more self-sufficient. This has been a dream of ours for many years. A dream of a bigger house, […]

What matters most?

Locked art box for jewellery

    In life there are lots of things that we think matter, but when we stop to think about it, what matters most? Yes, our families will usually take first place, but what else? John Lewis have just launched a competition where they are asking you to submit an image of something that matters […]

Tim’s Journey

Baby 13 approximately 12 hours old. Being well cared for in SCBU.

    Our 13th child was born on 15th February 2014.  Despite being born at full term gestation at 37+4 weeks, Tim had difficulty breathing and spent the first week of his life in special care. Here is his story:     None of our other children had needed special care before – not even […]

Donate old books on World Book Day and give everyone the gift of reading for free

open book on top of stack of books

    Today might be called ‘World Book Day’ but sadly, not everyone in the world is fortunate enough to own a book. More than 90% of children in Africa who attend school have never owned a book. Non-profit-making charity Promoting Global Learning has unveiled a new online film which aims to raise awareness of […]

Combatting the global problem of forced marriages

Wedding rings

    Forced marriage must be stopped. A forced marriage is when one or more of the people to be married has been coerced or manipulated into the marriage against their will. Child marriage involves either one or both spouses being children (under 18) and is also seen as forced marriage as children do not […]

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year- Dragon

      What can be better than celebrating one new year this month? Why, celebrating two of course! Today marks the Chinese New Year. It’s a time for celebrations, for good luck and for traditions. It is also time for a whole new animal from the Chinese zodiac to take over. This year it’s […]

The Need for Child Sponsorship

African child

    In countries suffering from conflict, disease and natural disaster, child sponsorship can often be one of the best ways of ensuring that children stay with their families and are kept safe. Charities such as Plan UK have been changing children’s lives one step at a time by setting up child sponsorship, allowing for […]

Missing Summer

Summer Bubbles

    I am definitely not a winter person. Or an autumn person either, really. But definitely not a winter person. I struggle through January, wishing for spring to speed up and arrive as soon as it can, bringing summer close behind it. I love summer. I loved last spring and summer in particular, as […]

Love is Always the Theme ~ A Valentine’s Day Wedding

Happy couple in love

    Although love is always at the core of each wedding theme, there is no better day to get married than on the “day of love” itself, Valentine’s Day. This is not only the most symbolically romantic day of the entire year, but the theme can offer you many options to incorporate into a […]

5 great homeworking jobs for 2014

Working at home

    Contrary to popular belief, it’s a real and very viable option to earn a good full time wage whilst working from home.  Just imagine what ditching your current 9-5 job and being able to choose working hours that suit you and your family would mean…no more lengthy commute, no more expensive child care […]

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