May 24, 2015

Fantastic Gift Ideas For Father’s Day


  Father’s Day in a large family always makes me chuckle. It can be really tricky to find so many different things for the kids to give as a gift when there are so many kids to help! Of course, the children are desperate to show their Daddy just how special he is. There is […]

A Little Bit of Fun: Which (Family) Housemate Are You?

  The thing with large families is that you have a lot of personalities all in one place. It never ceases to amaze me how, despite being raised by the same people and in the same way, all of our children have distinctly different personalities and characters – nature or nurture? This Gumtree flatshare infographic takes […]

Our Large Family Story on Film – Updated

    Meet our family. 2 parents. 13 children. One big home-working, home-educating, travel-loving, almost-self-sufficient(ish) large family! See our story on film:     You can also watch the previous version of our story here:     Watch more videos and keep up with the latest from our family on our YouTube channel. Click here to […]

Talking Italian: We Chat Food and Family with Gennaro Contaldo


    Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows our love of all things Italian; the food, the country, the people… our family loves pretty much everything about it. If you are new and you didn’t know all this or you blinked and missed it, you can see our 2014 highlights in […]

Cooking for a large family…


      …is usually a family affair. We are most definitely a family of foodies. We do love food (so much so that I’ve put on a stone over the winter months. Time to hit the gym again!) and we are extremely fortunate to have a pretty sizeable kitchen. Fortunate to be big enough […]

Family Update: Exciting Times Ahead!


    It is official. 2015 is going to be the year for us. The year for us. After many, many years of talking and planning and dreaming about it, and more than a year of preparing the house for selling, the ball has finally been moved from its rock steady spot and is rolling. We […]

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