April 19, 2015

Talking Italian: We Chat Food and Family with Gennaro Contaldo


    Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows our love of all things Italian; the food, the country, the people… our family loves pretty much everything about it. If you are new and you didn’t know all this or you blinked and missed it, you can see our 2014 highlights in […]

Cooking for a large family…


      …is usually a family affair. We are most definitely a family of foodies. We do love food (so much so that I’ve put on a stone over the winter months. Time to hit the gym again!) and we are extremely fortunate to have a pretty sizeable kitchen. Fortunate to be big enough […]

Family Update: Exciting Times Ahead!


    It is official. 2015 is going to be the year for us. The year for us. After many, many years of talking and planning and dreaming about it, and more than a year of preparing the house for selling, the ball has finally been moved from its rock steady spot and is rolling. We […]

Trying Something New


    Generally, we like to try new things. We like to see new countries, visit new places and, being such a family of foodies, we like to try new recipes and foods we might not have ever tried before. After watching several of the River Cottage series which they claimed to be doing for […]

Making Homemade Ravioli: It’s a Family Affair

how to make homemade ravioli

  My Saturday plans to make fresh ravioli for dinner ended up with the opening of the culinary domestic sweatshop. Paddy came on board to cook the filling earlier on during the day. Afternoon came around and with the filling now cool, it was time to begin preparing the ravioli. Obviously, with 13 of us […]

A Week of Birthdays


    We ended up marking the end of more than a month of various bugs and illness by celebrating three birthdays within five days. Ben celebrated his 22nd birthday on the 10th, miles away from us of course, being in the chilly north for uni while we are remain in the almost-as-chilly-but-not-quite-as-cold south-east. A […]

This is the reason my house is untidy

Isobel, Anna and Libby try to crochet

    Because of this lot. It doesn’t matter what I do, it never seems to make any difference whatsover. Housework, that is. And it’s so embarrassing. I hate it. I hate the fact that there isn’t a place for everything and everything in its place. It frustrates me that all I seem to do […]

How to plan the perfect camping adventure with kids

Family camping in the park

    Lots of parents rule out the idea of camping with kids because they think these trips will be too much hassle and stress. In fact, with a little careful planning, such outdoor adventures can represent the perfect family holidays. These cost-effective vacations give you and your brood the chance to explore new places, […]

And this is why children don’t always do as they’re asked…


  Caitlin demonstrated to the girls how they should hug sideways for a photo ‘with your arms out… like this.’ So the girls posed for the photo – with their arms out… like this!     Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on faves Buzz it up Share on […]

Top Tips For Planning A Family Get Together

dinner party

    Having a large family is a fantastic thing, but sometimes it can also be hard to plan simple things such as Christmas and parties. Forward thought and having a robust plan is the key to a brilliant and successful get together for you and your family.   Venue An event such as a […]

Does your family have what it takes to be a volunteer?

tablet with charity word cloud

    If your family is passionate about a specific cause, enjoys helping others and has some time to spare, then you can tick all the boxes for volunteering. Now is the time to look around for a local project that will benefit from your help.   Animals need help from humans If you’re an […]

Tie Dye T-Shirt Craft – Plus Win a Trip to Germany with Zalando

tie dye 9

    A few days ago we found out about a crafty competition that Zalando are running for the creative ones amongst you. Participants must develop a DIY fashion project idea and tag it with #ZalandoDIY. Then send your email with your full name, the DIY creation and the subject line ‘DIY with Zalando’ to […]

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