October 2, 2014

Questioning My Sanity: The Verdict Is In

The Sullivan Family

    It seems like an eternity since we returned from Italy, getting straight back into continuing work on the house in preparation for selling. Although we have only been back since the end of August it seems ages since the photo above was taken. Of course, if you are sitting there counting everyone you […]

Back to life…

Anna and Libby on Villa Zadra driveway

    Back to reality. This time last week we were making the 13 hour drive back from our month in Italy with 11 of our 13 children via a two day stop-off in France. It was a long day having begun at 4am, and an extremely long drive, what with having to add an […]

The truth about sisters…

Libby Anna Sullivan laughing

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’16 Kids and Counting’ – The Sullivan Family One Year On


    Our two episodes of ’16 Kids and Counting’ have now been aired once again in the UK, as well as in many countries all over the world. It has been over a year since they were originally shown and almost two years since we began filming for the series. We thought it would […]

A little (noisy) large family fun

Eddie and Isobel (2)

    Three little sisters can easily get their seven older brothers wrapped around their little fingers. Here they convince two of them to play Ring o’ Roses, resulting in some (noisy) family fun.                                           […]

Living Space: How To Make Your Family Home Feel More Spacious

Small home

    Children can take up a lot of room fast: in a short space of time, toys, blankets and school projects can fill up space you once took for granted and before long, keeping your home organised from one day to the next can seem a near impossible task. But don’t despair! Making a […]

Sew, a needle pulling thread… the large family way!

Libby concentrates...

    Eddie is our resident crafter. He always has several projects on the go and his creativity and imagination knows no bounds. This morning he set about making himself an eye mask.     As with pretty much anything in this house, curious siblings quickly gathered to see what was going on and whether […]

It’s time to go…

New chapter

    Those of you who are long-time readers or who watched us on ’16 Kids and Counting’ last year might remember us talking about our desire to move away with a view to becoming a little more self-sufficient. This has been a dream of ours for many years. A dream of a bigger house, […]

What 10 children under 11 looks like


      This is what a family with ten children under 11-years-old looks like. (Well, if you ignore Caitlin over there on the left). Wonder if they’ll look as cute when they’re teens?                                           […]

How children in large families suffer when a new baby is born

Libby and 9-day-old Tim

  If you heed the oft-quoted concerns about children in large families you would be hard pressed to decide on what is worse for them. Is it the resentment older kids have when a new sibling is born, or is it the lack of attention a younger child with so many older siblings receives? Jealousy occurs, […]

How we’re celebrating Baby 13′s birth by making a difference

wicker pram

    We’re the first to admit that it’s somewhat unusual for a family to be celebrating the impending birth of their 13th child, especially in this day and age. Yet, the novelty never wears off. Never. We still wonder what whether it will be a boy or a girl, what (or who) it will […]

Space-saving ideas for children’s bedrooms

high sleeper with storage

  Large families in small houses often need to be creative in their use of space. Moving or expanding isn’t always an option to learning to be creative with the space available is often a learned and valuable skill. Practical use of space in children’s rooms is hugely important, whether it’s to accommodate one child […]

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