December 20, 2014

How to arrange living room furniture

living room furniture

  The living room can be justly considered the ‘face’ of your home, which is why designing it carefully is an important and complex task. Of course, it would hardly be possible to come up with fixed design patterns or universal tips on how to arrange living room furniture; yet, based on the total space […]

Garden Storage Solutions: Which Shed is Right for You?

garden tools, watering can, scissor,shovel, free copy space

    It is time to pack away the gardening tools and children’s toys for the winter but somehow storage never seems to be enough. Want to know how to find the right storage solutions for you? This infographic can help:   Site Policy Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook […]

How to Build a Polytunnel (Video)

fork and watering can

    One of our plans once we’ve made our move is to get a polytunnel to extend our growing season. We know that we’ve a few readers who have similar plans for self sufficiency too so we thought we’d share our findings. We’ve been doing a lot of research but it seems that erecting […]

Clever Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

plant on table in bright house

    As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, the last thing you want is a dark and dingy house. You might feel like you want to go to bed as soon as you get home, but there’s still plenty to do, even in the dark. You need to help the kids […]

Farewell Old Friend- Why it is Time you Replaced your Boiler Programmer

old boiler

    If you want to save energy on your heating bill, you might decide to buy a new energy efficient boiler. However, although this in itself is a great decision, no matter how modern and efficient the boiler, it may still come with the most basic of controllers: effectively, a simple on and off […]

Creating Your Perfect Garden on A Budget

Landscaped flower garden

    It is easy to assume that if you want to create a garden that looks amazing then you need to invest a fortune into making this happen, but that is not the case at all. Yes, there are ways that the total cost of a brand new garden can add up to large […]

Loft conversions and garden offices and are smart investments for homeowners

large, attractive attic room with wood-burning fireplace

    Moving home to gain more space is something lots of families consider as the brood grows. But with the cost of moving being high and stamp duty, legal fees and removals adding to the burden, it might be worth considering extending the home you’ve got. You could get the home you want for […]

6 Easy Ways To Love Your Household

Home is where the heart is

    Learning to love your household is one of the biggest challenges for any person. When you live in a home with a huge family, you can feel as though your home is more of a mess than a living space. You spend most of your free time at home. That means that you […]

At last, our dream kitchen is finished!

handmade kitchen cooker side

  It took the best part of five months but our kitchen is finally finished, oh yes! We had been living with half a kitchen for the last two years when our built-in oven broke. We knew we wanted a range cooker but couldn’t afford one, so I set about keeping my eye out on […]

8 Ways to Maximise Space in Small Bathrooms

Small, moderm bathroom

    Unless undertaking a building project is on the cards, you need to find alternative ways of maximising space in a small bathroom. There are several tips and tricks that you can use to make the most of the space you have, no matter how limited it might be. Here are some ideas that […]

Kicking Off Big Energy Saving Week with British Gas and Netmums


    The change of seasons is well and truly upon us and I for one am not amused. I am not a winter person. Or an autumn person either. In fact, I am most definitely solar powered and if I had my way, I would hibernate through the coldest months of the year. As […]

How to Invest in Property: A Beginner’s Guide to Building a Property Portfolio


    Property is a great way to grow your investment portfolio. Once you understand the basics and leave some breathing space for a learning curve, you can reap the benefits of property investing as well as any long-term investor. It pays to be cautious when you first start out as you want your first […]

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