July 4, 2015

Tips for Buying Your First House as a Family

Family holding house

  Buying your first family home is incredibly exciting. But it’s best to be prepared, so here are some great tips.   Think of Everyone’s Needs If you’re only used to living alone and buying properties alone, you might not be fully prepared to buy a home with a family. You can no longer just […]

Keep Your Family Warm This Winter

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  The winter months can be harsh. Sometimes you just don’t get lucky with a mild season. It can be bitterly cold. Not to mention the weather can turn treacherous. So how do you keep yourself and your family warm?   Wrap Up A simple answer. When in doubt, layer up. Keeping a few fleeces […]

Perfecting your decking for summer

BBQ cooker and cookware ready to cook

  It’s official — barbeque season is upon us! If your garden is looking far from perfect, it’s time to slip on your gloves, grab the lawnmower and get to work. In the handy guide below, we’ll show you how to get your decking ready for entertaining.   Timber or composite? Before you start, you’ll […]

7 Ways to Revamp a Room in a Weekend

Pink roses in small vases

    When you have a large family time is often limited enough without adding in all those extra jobs that need doing – like re-decorating for example. I find that I get fed up looking at the same old tired room but that block of time needed to tackle it just doesn’t seem to come […]

Use Less, Save More: Water Facts at a Glance

Pouring water from bottle into glass on blue background

We are fortunate to have access to fresh, clean water in every area of our lives and we often use it without thought. This eye-opening infographic explains how water pressure problems cause us to use more than we need to and where it all goes. It also provides some handy tips on how we can use […]

5 Alternative Ways with Throws and Blankets


  Using blankets on beds is so last year, or at least it is in this house. We have a wide collection of throws and blankets – with so many people in one house they prove to be extremely useful – but one thing that occurred to me is that they are seldom, if ever, […]