April 20, 2014

Another step closer to living our dream…


      A couple of weeks ago we announced that the time had finally come for us to go and realise our long-held dream of living a more self-sufficient life.  For those who commented and emailed us to say that this part of our lives would make a great book – yes, we agree! […]

How to install laminate wood flooring


    Once you have chosen and purchased the flooring that you require, you will need to fit it. You can do the job yourself relatively quickly and easily by using quality laminate flooring from Floorsave. Laminate flooring is far easier to fit than it was twenty years ago but there is still a process […]

Cheap Garden Lighting Ideas that Look Great

garden lighting 2

      With the summer fighting to arrive, we’re ditching our living rooms and taking to the garden to soak up whatever sun we’re graced with this year. Therefore, getting your garden looking great is probably quite high on your agenda at this time of year, but with all the amazing stuff we all […]

Outdoor Family Fun: Landscaping, Gardening and More

Family planting flowers

    Now that the last of winter is melting away, it’s time to focus on fresh air, sunshine and, of course, our lawns and gardens. And for parents, this time of year means spending time outside with the kids, watching them run, play and have fun in the sun. If you’re looking for unique, […]

12 things you didn’t know about toilets


    It’s never the room anyone enjoys cleaning but where would we be without the humble loo? Although it’s not something we would often make conversation about over tea and cake, here are some tidbits of toilet trivia that you might find interesting:   The toilet is not actually the most germ-ridden part of […]

5 quick steps to organising your family’s bathroom

three rubber ducks

      Bathrooms belonging to large families have to cater to a variety of needs for different age ranges. From babies and toddlers to older kids, and not forgetting the adults too, what is often one of the smallest rooms in the house needs to be able to meet the requirements of everyone. This […]

How to organise your car

Family car

    It is rare that your family car is ever really clean and tidy especially if you have small children. The family car isn’t just a means of transport; it can be an office, a taxi, a store cupboard and even a kitchen if you are feeling peckish. The back seat can be strewn […]

Be a Power Saver! How to Encourage Energy Saving in Kids

energy saving kid

    Finding ways to cut energy use and slash the expense of keeping our homes running is something that most families try to do. Netmums British Gas was a site created to help us find more ways in which we can do just that. The site is packed with advice on keeping energy costs […]

Save water, save money with free water saving products

dripping tap

    SaveWaterSaveMoney was established in February 2007 with the aim of helping British householders reduce their water wastage and bills. The company works with 14 Water Companies to distribute free water saving devices to their respective domestic customers. The site has received orders for over 60,000 water and energy saving products from homeowners in […]

Donate old books on World Book Day and give everyone the gift of reading for free

open book on top of stack of books

    Today might be called ‘World Book Day’ but sadly, not everyone in the world is fortunate enough to own a book. More than 90% of children in Africa who attend school have never owned a book. Non-profit-making charity Promoting Global Learning has unveiled a new online film which aims to raise awareness of […]

5 household cleaning products you can make yourself

homemade cleaning products

    Making your own household products is inexpensive, and quick and simple to do. You get results with natural ingredients, plus it saves a lot of money too. What’s not to love?   How to make your own laundry detergent  Three ingredients is all it takes to make almost 5 litres of your very […]

Childproofing Your Home: The Basics


    Accidents in the home are more of a risk to children between the ages of one and five, than stranger abduction or violence. The domestic setting provides many opportunities for young children to get into trouble, particularly when it comes to burning, drowning, choking or being poisoned with household chemicals. You may not […]

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