October 23, 2014

8 Ways to Maximise Space in Small Bathrooms

Small, moderm bathroom

    Unless undertaking a building project is on the cards, you need to find alternative ways of maximising space in a small bathroom. There are several tips and tricks that you can use to make the most of the space you have, no matter how limited it might be. Here are some ideas that […]

Kicking Off Big Energy Saving Week with British Gas and Netmums


    The change of seasons is well and truly upon us and I for one am not amused. I am not a winter person. Or an autumn person either. In fact, I am most definitely solar powered and if I had my way, I would hibernate through the coldest months of the year. As […]

How to Invest in Property: A Beginner’s Guide to Building a Property Portfolio


    Property is a great way to grow your investment portfolio. Once you understand the basics and leave some breathing space for a learning curve, you can reap the benefits of property investing as well as any long-term investor. It pays to be cautious when you first start out as you want your first […]

How Houseproud Are You? (Plus a Chance to Win)

Carrying Green Cleaning Supplies

    There is a saying that goes ‘Cleaning the house while kids are growing is like shovelling snow while it’s still snowing’. Given that there have been more than twenty years of raising children – a lot of children – in our house, it’s fair to say that we’re living in blizzard conditions. At […]

10 Quick Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Bathroom in modern style

    Creating a new look for your bathroom needn’t be time consuming or expensive to do. We’ve come up with ten quick and easy ways that you can update your bathroom in no time.   Clear out Getting rid of unsightly clutter can make a huge difference to a room and the bathroom is […]

8 Sure-Fire Ways to Add Value to your Home

Home Finance

    As regular readers are aware, we have spent the best part of this year working on our home with a view to maximising the profit we can make when it comes to selling. Investing in your home not only improves its looks but making the right changes also adds value to it. Here […]

3 Storage Hacks To Give Your Bedrooms More Space!

Child bedroom

    Just when you think you’ve got enough storage for the whole family, more stuff inexplicably appears! New clothes, birthday presents, a host of new books – all those collections of things you’ve already found homes for have just got bigger. Rather than admitting defeat and putting your house on the market in favour […]

ReadyRoom Wall Stickers Review


      During the summer the kids became accustomed to the light evenings, and if they woke up before 10pm they would be reassured by the slight glow that crept in through their curtains before the day ended. However, with it now being September and with the short days of winter approaching fast, it […]

Making Your Bedroom Autumn-Proof

Elegant white luxury bedroom, contemporary design style blue rug

      It’s safe to say that Autumn is here, bringing with it cool weather, the shortening of days, not to mention a collective sigh of relief from parents! The bedroom, unfortunately, should also be following this seasonal trend; as much as we like bright colours and clean, comfy sheets, holding on to these […]

A Guide to Finding the Right House With Your Family in Tow

hand holding new house for family - concept

    Finding the right house with a family in tow can be difficult. You haven’t just got to please and take care of yourself anymore. You need to take care of your family, and make sure you’re all as happy as possible living under one roof. The area you live in should be suitable […]

Prepare Your Kids For Moving House – The Essential Guide

Real estate agent for sale sign

    Sometimes it is easy to forget the effect a house move can have on children. Think back to your school years. Though some people had an awful experience, many made lifelong friends and enjoyed what they now look upon as the best years of their lives. Imagine for one moment, that your parents […]

Asbestos – The Comprehensive Need-to-Know Home Guide


    Asbestos is a product of the past; an industrial toxic material from another era which only the likes of shipyard workers, pipe laggers, builders and carpenters from the 1900s need to worry themselves with – right? Wrong. Although asbestos was legally banned by law in 1999, it takes decades for the effects of […]

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