August 1, 2015

The First-Time Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing Property

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  Buying property is a very stressful business no matter who you are but negotiating your way through the house-buying process when you are a first-time buyer can be even more so. With no previous experience and the wealth of sometimes conflicting advice out there, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. The team at Water Pressure […]

Creating a Spathroom

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  Don’t let your bathroom become over run by children and family life, turn it into the perfect resort for relaxation. After a day at the spa everyone feels calm and at peace with the world, so why not recreate your bathroom into a place you can unwind and de-stress without having to leave the […]

Interior design: perfect paints

pastel color design selection for interior

  If your home décor is looking a little tired, the easiest way to update it is with a lick of paint. Whether you’re touching up damaged walls or changing your colour scheme, you’ll need to follow our top tips below to achieve the perfect finish on your walls.   Choose a quality paint Many […]

Everything You Need To Know About Domestic CCTV Rules and Regulations


  There is nothing more terrifying than feeling unsafe in your home. The use of domestic security cameras and other equipment have become more and more popular in the past five years, increasing by 265%*. Whether you use them sporadically while you and your family are on holiday, or on a daily basis there are […]

4 Home Necessities for Large Families

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  When you are raising a large family, you experience many challenges. There’s the expense of feeding and caring for all these people, there’s the space challenges you may have in your home, and sometimes there’s the sibling rivalry too. While every parent of a large family will need to figure out the solutions to their […]

Top Tips For Adding Curb Appeal To Your Home

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  The first impression people will get of your home is from the outside, so it needs to look good. It doesn’t matter what the inside is like, it’s the outside that people see and use to form an opinion. If your home makes a fantastic first impression, everyone who comes to visit will be […]