July 23, 2014

Car Boots, Auctions and More: Declutter Before Moving Home

Untidy cluttered woman wardrobe with clothes and accessories.

    If all the kids are now in Junior or Comprehensive School and you still have the pram and cot in the garage – it’s time to throw them out. And if you have ornaments you were given as a wedding present 13 years ago, but have never been used – it’s time to […]

Tips and Tricks to Give Your Home a Futuristic Appeal

Light interior design

    Some people love having a cosy home with a kind-of vintage feel, however, the ‘futuristic’ look is becoming increasingly popular. Not only is it great for people who want to give off the impression of a lavish lifestyle, it’s also great for those who dislike clutter and like things to be kept fairly […]

What You Need to do in Order to Find a Great Estate Agent For Your Next Family Home

Giving house keys

Finding a great estate agent can be difficult at the best of times. Therefore, if you’re just starting out, and find yourself on the lookout for a great estate agent who can help you find an awesome family home, it’s okay to feel as stressed as you do. However, what you might not know, is […]

Essential Bedroom Design Ideas For Kids – Make Life Easy

little rusty teddy bear

    The children’s bedroom becomes a place that we dread cleaning sometimes. When our kids are young, however, it is one of the most exciting rooms in the house to decorate and furnish. It is because we always want to give them the best things in life, and an awesome bedroom is top of […]

Why heritage homes make the best properties for families

3d small people - glass house

    Heritage homes have style and substance. They make a statement about the owner that cannot be achieved by a standard contemporary development so if you don’t want to live in a modern box but want space and elegance instead then a heritage home might be for you!   Elegance in Middlesex London is […]

The Ultimate Bedroom Design For Kid’s Sleepovers

Child's bedroom with double bulk bed.

    A child’s bedroom is one of the most enjoyable decorating projects to take on in the home. As they grow, the room goes through changes with them. A very young child pays little attention to their surroundings, but once they get past the toddler years they start to take an active interest in […]

Downsizing Your Property: More Tips and Tricks on Making your Home Look Larger

Open style kitchen and living room

    When you need to downsize, you might have concerns about your home seeming small. Millions of people have to make living in a small space work for them, and their families. There are many tricks of the trade that can make the most of a smaller home. Through clever use of space and […]

A Softer Warmer Look for Family Homes

Living room

    While tile floors are beautiful and long lasting, some families prefer the look and feel of natural wood. Aesthetics aside, the slightly more forgiving surface of wood can help reduce the severity of bumps and bangs from toddler falls, and is a warmer surface for bare in the cooler months. We have found […]

Four Ways to Give your Home a Makeover this Summer

shabby chic home

    It’s time to clear out the cobwebs and turn down the central heating – summer has finally arrived! With longer days, better weather and holidays on the way, summer can be a great time for interior decorating. From revamping those chairs, sideboards and tables to introducing new colour schemes, here are four ways […]

Downsizing Your Property: Tips and Tricks on Making your Home Look Larger

Home under magnifying glass

    A lot of people nowadays are downsizing to free up the equity in their home, or because they no longer need as much room now that their little birds have flown the nest. If this is the case for you, don’t feel disheartened by the comparable lack of space. There are lots of […]

The redecorating chaos continues…

The clean-up team got to work

    Work on the house has continued this week and, as you might expect, stress levels have been ever-so-slightly increased. The problem is that the house is only a certain size, possessing a certain amount of space and where storage and room to move is limited. When two rooms are out of action and […]

How to Spruce Up Your Home on a Budget

home accessories

      Improving your home does not have to cost a fortune. A little imagination and time is often all it takes for an effective makeover. For those keen on sewing, what better way to quickly and cheaply transform a room than with a fresh new pair of curtains? Curtain fabric can be bought […]

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