March 4, 2015

Encouraging fitness in the family: activities to exercise together

Family with kids cycling in summer with bicycles

    Exercise doesn’t have to take up a lot of time and it doesn’t have to be a carefully planned and executed routine. It is more likely to be fun and successful if you don’t think of it as exercise at all. Instead, try to find a time when the whole family can be […]

How to Keep a Healthy Mind as You Grow Older

senior and children reading

    As strain on the NHS increases, dementia illnesses become seemingly more common and more people are needed to care for their elderly relatives it is more important than ever to try and keep our brains healthy as we advance into our old age. As we look after our body it is equally important […]

3 Amazing Benefits of Eating a ‘High-Raw’ Diet

Variety of Fresh Vegetables

    It is said that eating a ‘high-raw’ plant-based diet has many benefits and can improve your life on almost every possible level. Well, this post is here to share with you, my lovely readers, exactly what some of these fabulous benefits are. Before we begin, for those who aren’t familiar with the concept […]

Poor Elder Care: Do You Know the 5 Hidden Warning Signs?

Young doctor holds the old  woman's hand

    It can be extremely worrying and upsetting to discover that a loved one is not getting the care and attention you expect them to receive in their nursing home. The problem is that it is not always immediately obvious that things are not as they should be and you often have to look […]

Blurry Vision: Clearing Up the Confusion on Myopia

Eye chart

    Whether you refer to it as nearsightedness, short-sightedness, or myopia, it is a condition that many people suffer from, but due to technological advances, there is now the opportunity to make blurry vision a thing of the past for patients. Myopia is a condition of the eye that occurs when the light that […]

Tips for Preventing the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

elderly person

    Whether you are in later life or still looking forward to retirement, everyone wants to do all they can to prevent the distressing symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related illnesses. There is research going on to find treatments for the illness all the time but until it is found there are basic changes […]

Top 5 Destinations for IVF Treatments

Baby Sleeping By Gift Boxes

    Starting a family is one of the dreams for most people, especially couples who have been together for quite some time. Bearing a child may undoubtedly give a woman much pleasure and a sense of fulfillment. However, not all couples are able to have a child due to various reasons. That is the […]

Stem Cell Therapies – Destinations, Costs and Options

Laboratory research of cancer diseases,  rack with RNA samples

    Stem cell therapy has become increasingly popular especially among older people and those with various illnesses. The popularity of the said treatment has soared so high, there was even a time when people deemed it as the ultimate cure for diseases. Internet search for Stem Cell therapy clinics in Thailand and other countries […]

Fun Activities to Help Keep the Whole Family Fit & Healthy


    Family life has changed quite dramatically over recent years. Technology now pervades almost every aspect of our daily lives. And whilst this has come with many advantages, there have been some disadvantages as well. In some ways it has had negative implications for ourselves, our children and for the whole experience of family […]

Five Rules For Denture Care

Closeup on young woman brushing teeth

    Whether you are new to dentures or whether you are an existing denture wearer, here are five of the most essential denture care tips:   Handle dentures with care While not cheap by any means, dentures can break easily if not treated with the proper care. To help make sure that they don’t […]

What the UK Can Learn From Australia’s Family Health Insurance

stethoscope and toy

    Healthcare service in the UK is usually provided by the National Health Service or NHS. The United Kingdom provides this medical service free of charge, primarily through ten Strategic Health Authorities. While there are some private clinics and hospitals, these facilities in almost every case lack the ability to treat critical care patients, […]

55 Natural Homemade Toiletries You Can Make Yourself!

55 Natural Homemade Toiletries You Can Make Yourself

      As the cost of living continues to rise and concerns about what we are putting into and onto our bodies increase, we kill two birds with one stone* and bring you 55 homemade toiletries you can make yourself! All of these toiletry recipes are quick, easy and cheap to do, saving you […]

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