October 10, 2015

Dr Google: How To Get The Best Medical Advice Online

hands on computer keyboard

    With so much health and medical information available to us today, it’s difficult to know what information to trust when doing online searches for medical advice. Fortunately, there are a few guidelines you can follow you help make sure you are getting the best information and protecting your health. These steps include using […]

PeriCoach and Pelvic Floors: Throwing Aside the Taboo of Incontinence


    When I was recently sent a press release on a new pelvic floor toner and an invitation to review the product my immediate reaction was ‘I don’t need that!’ You could certainly understand why I was considered a likely candidate for needing help with my pelvic floor. 13 children surely should have some […]

10 tips to become a healthier happier you

Be Happy written on rural road

  The stress of a modern-day work environment and the pressures of contemporary living can have a dramatic effect on anyone’s wellbeing, but there are things you can do about it. Health and happiness are irrevocably entwined, and the little things can have a tremendously positive effect on your mental and physical wellbeing. Here are […]

Beauty: a few healthy options away

vintage antigue perfume bottles with old picture frame, on woode

    Is there anything more embittering than seeing beautiful people on the telly? Long-legged Amazonian women strutting down catwalks; platinum blonde princesses on cringe-inducing soap operas; and cosmetic queens on reality television – it’s dispiriting enough to make you switch off the flicky-box altogether. These are the types of people who look beautiful no […]

My Negative SlimFast Review: SlimFast Respond

slim fast

  Shortly after writing my lengthy, thorough yet negative review about SlimFast products and my reasons for deciding not to proceed with the blogger challenge, I received an email from Slim.Fast’s PR company asking if they could respond to some of the points I had made in the interests of transparency. Whilst they were extremely understanding […]

Glasses Aren’t So Scary Any More

family glasses

  Having a large family means you need strategies, and that includes covering the family’s optical needs. All the children pay regular visits to the optician, of course, as do both of us. Ignoring the health of your eyes can have devastating consequences later in life, so the earlier check-ups become routine, the better. It […]