July 3, 2015

Stay Healthy, Save Money


  Getting sick can be very expensive, in more ways than one. Medical bills are a good way to land yourself in a sizeable amount of debt, so the best thing is to stay fit and well. Unfortunately, these things don’t always go in our favour, but there are stills ways to cut costs when […]

Why I Opted Out of the Slim Fast Challenge


  Whether you are fat or thin you are bound to know the one rule of losing weight: ‘eat less, move more’. It is not a difficult concept to understand but many people, including me, have trouble following it through. As I already explained, my problem is that I love food or, more to the point […]

Reap the Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet with Health Supplements

Vegetables,herbs and spices for Italian food

    The heart disease and obesity epidemic that is affecting many of the world’s developed nations hasn’t yet reached the same level in most Mediterranean countries. Diets in the USA and UK are relatively rich in processed foods. There is clear evidence to suggest that a range of health benefits can be enjoyed by […]

Where can sport take you? The benefits of encouraging a sporting passion in your kids


    Children need all sorts of encouragement from parents and guardians – encouragement to do well at school being to the fore – but sport as an activity should also be encouraged in children. It goes without saying that encouraging children to play sport gives them enormous health and fitness benefits, but taking part […]

The Disturbing Trend of Frankenstein Foods: Are We Really a Nation of Culinary Sloths?

yowk kit

    Growing up with a Turkish mother and a Greek father, my brother and I were raised with the delights of mediterranean food. Every meal was made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Our home would constantly be filled with the aroma of fresh herbs and spices and we were introduced to a variety of […]

Higher risk of asthma linked to ‘energy efficient homes’

Idea concept with light bulbs in illustration vector

    Researchers from the University of Exeter in South West England have shown that residents living in energy efficient homes may have a higher risk of developing asthma. A failure to heat and ventilate these properties was cited as the main risk factor. If mould was present in the home, the risk of asthma […]