November 26, 2015

Everything you need to know about home contents insurance

Family holding house

    Home contents insurance exists to cover the cost of possessions should they be lost, stolen or damaged by flood or fire. According to the Association of British Insurers (AIB), 76% of UK households have a contents insurance policy.   Protecting your assets Insurance premiums vary from company to company and are also dependent […]

5 Reasons to Take a Family Holiday in Cornwall

St Ives coast SSP 03

    Cornwall is one of the most popular regions in the UK to enjoy a holiday with family.  There is a fantastic selection of experiences to share with your loved ones and you don’t have to step onto a plane to admire the gorgeous sandy shores and turquoise waters on a summer’s day.  The […]

5 changes you should make today to feel happier and healthier

Tally stroke marks counting to five

    Everyone goes through ups and downs in life, but there are some changes you can make right now that could help the lower points become far less frequent.   Swap smoking for vaping Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, emulate the sensation of smoking traditional, tobacco cigarettes by producing a water vapour that […]

Travel Troubles: 3 Common Family Travel Problems, Solved!


    You have your itinerary well planned out, brought some games and entertainment for your kids, and packed all your travel must-haves, but do you have a way to manage the various problems that may arise during your family holiday? While everyone wants their family trip to go without a hitch, travelling with the […]

Dining in Portugal: 5 Restaurants You Need To Try

Porto Old Town, Portugal

    It’s safe to say that your trip to Portugal will be complemented by beautiful, fresh seafood dishes, delicious wines and of course the country’s famous custard tarts – known as pastel de nata – which you have to try. If you’re heading to the country next summer for your annual get away, then […]

Media Request: Families Wanted for New TV Show!

vintage tv isolated on a white background

      Have you and your family ever dreamt of quizzing a celebrity? Asking the questions that your average TV host wouldn’t dare?   You might get the chance in this potential TV project, as the star could be sleeping in your spare room!   What would you ask them? Would you get them […]