October 22, 2014

Media Request: Large Families Wanted for TV Programme on Modern Britain

Media Request

    ARE YOU THE PARENT OF A LARGE FAMILY?   ITN are looking for Britain’s biggest families (five children or more), to take part in an observational television documentary.    Do you want to ensure that your children have a reasonable standard of living?  Are you worried about the way in which recent welfare cuts could affect your […]

Car Safety Measures To Take While Driving With Family

baby girl  in car

    Hello everyone! I am Ross and I have a keen interest in traveling, reading and writing. There are little things which when not cared for become the reason for taking a person’s life. It is very important to ensure complete safety while driving and hence, this guest post is geared towards creating awareness […]

8 Ways to Maximise Space in Small Bathrooms

Small, moderm bathroom

    Unless undertaking a building project is on the cards, you need to find alternative ways of maximising space in a small bathroom. There are several tips and tricks that you can use to make the most of the space you have, no matter how limited it might be. Here are some ideas that […]

Media Request: Wanted! Britain’s Biggest Families at Christmas


              Filled with happiness and good spirits we will capture all aspects of family life with everything from sitting around the dinner table and reading Christmas cracker jokes to the squabbles and bickering that can often happen. We will follow the families as they get together over the festive […]

Kicking Off Big Energy Saving Week with British Gas and Netmums


    The change of seasons is well and truly upon us and I for one am not amused. I am not a winter person. Or an autumn person either. In fact, I am most definitely solar powered and if I had my way, I would hibernate through the coldest months of the year. As […]

How to Invest in Property: A Beginner’s Guide to Building a Property Portfolio


    Property is a great way to grow your investment portfolio. Once you understand the basics and leave some breathing space for a learning curve, you can reap the benefits of property investing as well as any long-term investor. It pays to be cautious when you first start out as you want your first […]

Getting Kids Back in the Kitchen with Ben’s Beginners

ben's beginners

      Whenever the adults are in the kitchen there is often a child or two hovering around asking to help chop, stir or grate, or quizzing us on what we’re making and how we are making it. We often have several helpers ready and waiting to lick bowls and spoons clean, or to […]

How Houseproud Are You? (Plus a Chance to Win)

Carrying Green Cleaning Supplies

    There is a saying that goes ‘Cleaning the house while kids are growing is like shovelling snow while it’s still snowing’. Given that there have been more than twenty years of raising children – a lot of children – in our house, it’s fair to say that we’re living in blizzard conditions. At […]

10 Quick Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Bathroom in modern style

    Creating a new look for your bathroom needn’t be time consuming or expensive to do. We’ve come up with ten quick and easy ways that you can update your bathroom in no time.   Clear out Getting rid of unsightly clutter can make a huge difference to a room and the bathroom is […]

The fragility of life

white feathers

    On Friday mornings I pack up my portable office and, with my laptop, mobile, pad and paper in hand I head off to ‘the office’ to get two or three hours of undisturbed work in. ‘The office’ being a local coffee shop with free wifi. As you can appreciate, things can get a […]

Top tips for choosing your next car

    At this time of year, as new plate vehicles hit the market, there are deals to be done if you’re thinking of upgrading. Whilst a shiny new model is appealing, it can be expensive, and it’s well worth seeing what the secondhand market has to offer. But how do you get the car […]

It’s only a matter of time


    It’s Tuesday evening and the rest of the children have gone to bed. Cait is staying with a friend for a few days and Mike is at the gym. I have the evening to myself. I have four craft projects on the go, a load of dirty nappies in the washing machine, a […]

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