September 1, 2014

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Cosy for Winter

cosy living room

      The days are already getting shorter and the nights will soon be drawing in. If you are already mourning summer and dreading the change of seasons rest assured that you are not alone! It might still be August but this is the ideal time of year to think about preparing your home […]

5 Ways to Make Your Home More Beautiful

shabby chic home

    Having a beautiful home is not everything. But, it is an excellent place to start. If you are keen to have a home that epitomises beauty but you don’t want to spend a small fortune in doing so, then you are in the right place. Let’s take a look at the five best […]

Help your child prepare for exams

boy doing homework

    Exams are rarely easy for children. They can result in stress, severe anxiety attacks and even a loss of appetite. Make sure that you keep your child on track through this often challenging time with the following advice.   Extra prep Exam study is a skill that comes with time and experience, it […]

Getting Insured: Where is the Best Place in the UK to Get Insured?


    Car insurance is a must for every car owner. Having some form of insurance from certain risks including accidents and theft enables the owner to safeguard their investment on their cars. However, car insurance premiums can be quite expensive depending on a lot of factors—the size and make of the car, the number […]

A Stress Free Home Moving Guide for Mums with Kids


    Aside from dealing with death in the family or getting a divorce, moving house is the most stressful thing you can experience. Make no mistake this move will impact your life in plenty of different ways. Of course, you have to deal with the surface issues, i.e. how to pack, where to move […]

Competition: Win a £700 Bed with Carpetright

sleeping little child

      There’s no denying it, we do love a Bank Holiday weekend. That extra day off makes all the difference, giving families the opportunity to enjoy the extended weekend and wind down that little bit more. If your extra long weekend consists of long, lazy lie-ins but your  bed has seen better days […]

What to Do in Berlin With Kids

Berliner Dom, Berlin

    If you’re planning a holiday with your kids, Berlin may never have crossed your mind. However, it’s a fantastic city to visit for all ages. The sheer amount of fun things you can do here are sure to make any family happy! Here are just a few things you can enjoy in Berlin […]

How to Give Your Home a Vintage Makeover

One classic armchair against a wall and floor

    Modern living has provided us with so many leaps and bounds in making our lives easier. We have the internet, online shopping, and appliances and gadgets that can do pretty much anything. But when it comes to home décor, sometimes a touch of vintage in this manic, modern, technology-fuelled world is just what […]

Your Little One and Their Best Friend: Children and Pets

child hugging a cat and dog

    Animals are cute, fluffy and playful, but did you know that having a pet could also help your children learn and develop? So next time your children nag about wanting a puppy or a pet tortoise, stop and consider it. A pet is an important part of the modern day family – here’s […]

All Things Furry and Feathered: How to Relieve Pet Allergies at Home

allergic to cat

    We are a nation of pet lovers and many families share their home with a much-loved animal friend. Whether they are furry or feathered, our pets can be a great source of pleasure and comfort but unfortunately, they can also trigger allergies in some people. Here is a look at how you can […]

Fun Activities to Help Keep the Whole Family Fit & Healthy


    Family life has changed quite dramatically over recent years. Technology now pervades almost every aspect of our daily lives. And whilst this has come with many advantages, there have been some disadvantages as well. In some ways it has had negative implications for ourselves, our children and for the whole experience of family […]

Easy Summer Style for Boys with Stone Island Kids


    Stone Island Kids is a fantastic brand providing dozens of great items for kids.  Stores are now stocking a complete Stone Island Kids range for little boys, providing them with everything they need for fun and adventures this summer.  Whilst the weather may not always be perfect, you can guarantee some great times […]

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