July 6, 2015

eKAVACH Parental Control App – The Future of Digital Parenting


  eKAVACH is a distinctive mobile parental control application for parents which deals with widespread digital safety of our digital natives and offers appropriate parental guidance over a child’s activities across different digital platforms. Certus Technologies India, is offering this mobile electronic shield  eKAVACH ( Kavach in Indian language means a shield ) to parents […]

Behind the Scenes: Poli Grappa Distillery

Sullivan family at Poli Grappa Distilleries

  While grappa is not quite regarded as the typical after dinner drink in the UK things are very different in Italy. We visited the Poli Distillery, the home of Poli Grappa since 1898, to find out more about the range of grappas and the production process behind them.     The Poli Distillery is […]

Another Side of Venice: Caorle

coloured houses in Caorle

  When thinking of Venice we might automatically conjure up images of St Mark’s Square, Doges Palace and gondolas gliding along the famed Grand Canal. But the Province of Venice holds so much more than we might originally imagine. Sitting along the upper shores of the Adriatic sea and nestling between the mouths of the Livenza […]

Behind the Scenes: Bio Barduca Organic Salad

sullivans and barducas and valentina

  Every now and then life has a way of putting people in your path who create a profound impact upon you. It might be through how they are, it might be through what they do or it might be through what they believe in. The Barduca family hit us with all three. The Barducas […]

The Great Italian Outdoors

sullivan family villa zadra

  Coming back to a place we are already familiar with has its advantages. We know the area, the local shops, the closest hospital thanks to needing to have my wedding ring cut off after an insect bite caused major swelling during last year’s trip, and the local dentist thanks to experiencing my first ever […]

Discovering Bellavita Italia: Barduca Organic Salad Farm

barduca francesco bio barduca

  Our family has been very lucky to be invited to look behind the scenes of some of the best artisan food and drink producers in the Veneto region of Italy and this trip was certainly no exception. The Barduca family run their organic farm which provides pre-packed salads and herbs throughout Europe. You may […]