April 19, 2015

Don’t Drink and Drive: Not Just a Christmas Campaign

Steering hand

    We are all aware of the increase in the ‘don’t drink and drive’ campaigns during the run-up to Christmas but raising awareness of the dangers of drink driving shouldn’t be limited to the festive period. The onset of summer, with its warmer weather, garden BBQs, lunchtime tipples and long, lazy weekends with friends […]

Brilliant Ideas for Holidays Away with your Partner


    This might not surprise you but having 13 children has meant that the free time Mike and I have is rather limited. Despite this though, we still always make sure we get to spend some time together as a couple, as we believe it’s important to give yourself the chance to relax every […]

The Family Day Trip Survival Guide


    What better way to make the most of the good weather than to plan some fabulous family day trips? Where young children are involved though, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Being organised is the key to a successful day and happy faces. The last thing you want is whinging, whining or crying kids. […]

More Large Family Fun on Film: Leybourne Lakes Country Park


    The turn of the season signalled that it was time to blow away the cobwebs. What better than a refreshing spring walk with the family around Leybourne Lakes Country Park?     Keep up with the latest videos from our family. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here.     Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious […]

The Best UK Summer Family Holidays

British Wellington boots on the beach

    Looking for somewhere to go with the family this summer? Well, why not try and do something a little different and holiday in another part of the UK? Not only is it a lot cheaper, but you will no doubt have more than enough of a chance to marvel at the stunning views […]

Father and son bonding trips: the number one guide on where to visit in the UK


    Few things in life are as much of an adventure as fatherhood. Fathers may see themselves as providers, teachers or protectors, but ultimately one of the most important things they can do for their sons is to spend time with them. If you’re looking for activities you can share with your son, consider […]

Video Special: Italy 2014 – A Visit to Este


    While in Italy we spent many days in beautiful Este, located at the foot of the Euganei Hills. Watch our video to see what we got up to:   Keep up with the latest videos from our family. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here.       Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg […]

Moving Update: The Latest News

The Sullivan Family

    Winter is officially over at last and not too soon at all, if I may say. It’s been a long winter I think. Then again, not being a fan of the season anyway I think every winter is a long winter. I love the freedom that the finer weather brings. No more is […]

First Utility: Save an average of £229* a year


    This article is featured on Larger Family Life in conjunction with affiliates First Utility. Read on to see what they have to say about spiralling energy costs and find out  find out how you can save more up to £229 a year comparied to the big six – guaranteed:    “We believe there is a […]

How to Be Successful in an Online Learning Setup

Man's hands typing on laptop keyboard

    If you are searching for an alternative method of learning, one of the most effective options is to enroll yourself in an online classroom. The good thing about this type of education is that there are so many choices available. You can take a two or four year course and receive a solid education […]

Video Special: Italy 2014 – The Water Fight


      While in Italy, far from the typical British weather, we decided the best way to cool down was with a water fight!         See more of our family videos on our Larger Family Life Youtube channel here. Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on […]

Passing on Bonkers


    A few weeks ago I wrote a post encouraging anyone who might be reading to do hard things in life. The basic message was something along the lines of, do what everyone else does and you’ll get what everyone else gets. Dare to be different and follow your own dreams instead of meeting […]

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