February 28, 2015

Do Hard Things


    It isn’t rare to be faced with a certain reaction when someone hears of our plans. It is especially common to be faced with the same reaction when people hear how large our family is. We also come across it when they hear how we’ve chosen to live our lives, opting for home […]

How to Make Children’s Clothes Last Longer


      With so many children so close in age we are normally able to buy clothes and get years worth of wear out of them. If we get a shirt it can usually last for a few children and still look great before it needs to be thrown away or upcycled. With upcycling […]

Family Update: Exciting Times Ahead!


    It is official. 2015 is going to be the year for us. The year for us. After many, many years of talking and planning and dreaming about it, and more than a year of preparing the house for selling, the ball has finally been moved from its rock steady spot and is rolling. We […]

The Ultimate Parents Guide to Teens Living Away From Home For the First Time

  Your children will never stop being expensive! Even when they leave home, you will end up spending a lot of cash trying to make sure that they have all of the necessities. But, you wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s always nice to help out where you can. If your teens are flying […]

Competition: Win a Motorola Pet Camera and a £100 Argos Voucher

kitten with camera

    If you have a pet with a huge personality you will know only too well the mischief he or she can get up to. Not too unlike children at times, they like to get in a pickle or two – especially when they think you aren’t looking! Share your pet’s mischievous moments with Argos […]

Trying Something New


    Generally, we like to try new things. We like to see new countries, visit new places and, being such a family of foodies, we like to try new recipes and foods we might not have ever tried before. After watching several of the River Cottage series which they claimed to be doing for […]

Creative Ways To Store Or Display Family Photos

Alte Fotos 14

    Family photos are some of our most treasured possessions. We strive to keep them safe, but it is also important to have them displayed for everyone to see. I don’t know about you, but I don’t always want to keep my photos boxed up, only to be looked at once every couple of […]

Successful Methods That You Can Use to Help Your Kids Do Well in Maths


    Okay, so maths may not be everyone’s favourite subject. But, it’s a fundamental part of growing up and education. Maths is all consuming and will be an enormous part of your kid’s life. Of course, at the moment all they need to know is how to calculate their pocket money. But, as they […]

How to Get Your Phone Fixed From Your Own Home

broken iphone

    You know the scenario: you leave your home, shut the door behind you and begin making your way to your destination when you suddenly stop. You begin checking your pockets, your bags, and check them again for good measure. It’s terrible but it’s true. You need to get back as quickly as possible […]

Funnelcake: Making Photo Sharing Simpler

pictures of holiday

    There is no doubt about it, technology has come a long way over the last few years. Phones have progressed, for example. When I was younger we had one telephone with a rotary dial which was situated in the hallway. Its ring reverberated throughout the house loudly – so loud that it would […]

Making Homemade Ravioli: It’s a Family Affair

how to make homemade ravioli

  My Saturday plans to make fresh ravioli for dinner ended up with the opening of the culinary domestic sweatshop. Paddy came on board to cook the filling earlier on during the day. Afternoon came around and with the filling now cool, it was time to begin preparing the ravioli. Obviously, with 13 of us […]

A Week of Birthdays


    We ended up marking the end of more than a month of various bugs and illness by celebrating three birthdays within five days. Ben celebrated his 22nd birthday on the 10th, miles away from us of course, being in the chilly north for uni while we are remain in the almost-as-chilly-but-not-quite-as-cold south-east. A […]

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