August 28, 2015

Incredible Ideas for a Family Friendly Home


    When you are in charge of a household, you have a lot more responsibilities than you have done before. So you need to make sure you take steps to fulfil these responsibilities. One of the major ones is going to be making your home family friendly. This means putting measures in place to […]

Your Ultimate Home Makeover Guide

Home renovation

    Making a house a home is never easy when you first move in. And keeping it looking fresh and functional as your family grows is just as challenging. This time of year is a great time to tackle the decor and address those little areas that need a bit of attention. Whether you […]

We all want to keep our children safe


  All of us. Everywhere. So trust me, immigrants aren’t ‘flooding the country’ to get £40-odd of benefits. Considering the whole world’s population can fit in an area the size of Wales and the numbers at Calais are nothing but a drop in the ocean it’s time to get off this scare-mongering propaganda. There are […]

Does the UK have the world’s hardest-working grandparents?

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    Recent research by HSL Chairs claims that UK grandparents generally put in £22k worth of graft during the summer holidays alone – that’s a lot of work! Here is what their study revealed: Average UK grandparent puts in 600 hours of hard graft over the summer holidays- worth £22,043! Grand-parenting revealed as one […]

The Things No Family Home Should Be Without

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    The family home is important to all of us. It’s our pride and joy, so here are the things that I think no family home should be without.   Comfort in Abundance Comfort is an important part of every family home. Once the day is through, and you’re aching all over, you need […]

Britain’s Favourite Soap Star: Who Gets Your Vote?


      It has been years since we watched a soap. I think it wasn’t long after Dirty Den was resurrected and killed off… again. Truth be told, we don’t miss them but it seems a lot of people don’t feel the same way we do which is probably lucky for the production companies. […]