May 24, 2015

When’s the Right Age to Start Potty Training?

Green potty

  Every parent asks this question but in truth, there is no right age to potty train. While most are potty trained between the ages of 2 and 3, it can take a little longer for other children. Natural readiness simply varies from child to child. It takes time, understanding and patience. You cannot rush […]

Holiday Essentials for Less: Our Summer Fashion Bargain Haul Uncovered

Woman holding shopping bags

  Our family generally sticks to two shopping seasons when we will do a big shop for each family member. Every spring and autumn we will see who has what, who needs what and what items are still in good enough condition to be passed down or kept, and then we’ll get hunting to buy […]

Large Family Travel: Organisation and Preparation


  With only weeks left until we set off on our travels, organisation and preparation is stepping up considerably. Packing for 13 people for two month trips is not as daunting as it might seem as long as you are able to remember everything that everybody needs or might need. My memory is somewhat schizophrenic; […]

Fantastic Gift Ideas For Father’s Day


  Father’s Day in a large family always makes me chuckle. It can be really tricky to find so many different things for the kids to give as a gift when there are so many kids to help! Of course, the children are desperate to show their Daddy just how special he is. There is […]

When is it right to start talking to your child about money? (Plus £5 for every reader!)

Pocket money

  Vanessa Cameron, Qwiddle founder, former banker and mum of three, shares her advice on teaching children about money. Larger Family Life readers can also receive a £5 credit when they open a Qwiddle account. Read on to find out more: You can often hear parents chatting about how much pocket money they give their […]

A Little Bit of Fun: Which (Family) Housemate Are You?

  The thing with large families is that you have a lot of personalities all in one place. It never ceases to amaze me how, despite being raised by the same people and in the same way, all of our children have distinctly different personalities and characters – nature or nurture? This Gumtree flatshare infographic takes […]

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