September 20, 2014

The Simple Things: Chicken-keeping, Fruit-picking and Home-made Preserves, Oh My!

fruit picking

    The one thing that we’re really looking forward to doing when we move is growing and rearing our own food. We’re looking forward to knowing where it has come from, what it contains and how it has reached our table. We have owned chickens for eight years now and I can safely say […]

3 Awesome Ideas for a Fun-Packed Family Day Together

Family take a walk in autumn forest

    Family living in the 21st century can present us with many challenges. There are endless distractions today, in the form of video games, cell phones and laptop computers. Just trying to get the family to all sit down together for an evening meal can be difficult enough. But when it comes to spending […]

How to Help Your Children Choose a College Course

wooden signpost

    Your children are ready to fly the nest and embark on a college or university degree. This can be a daunting time for parents. But, it can be an exciting time for your children. As a supportive parent, you want to make sure that they are getting the best from their education. You […]

Make a difference by fostering a child

mother and son

    Children are so very important to our society. They bring new life and new opportunities just by being here. Children, unfortunately, are some of the most underappreciated human beings on the face of the planet. Even though we may not completely know why we treat them this way, they have learned to adapt. […]

Questioning My Sanity: The Verdict Is In

The Sullivan Family

    It seems like an eternity since we returned from Italy, getting straight back into continuing work on the house in preparation for selling. Although we have only been back since the end of August it seems ages since the photo above was taken. Of course, if you are sitting there counting everyone you […]

Making Your Bedroom Autumn-Proof

Elegant white luxury bedroom, contemporary design style blue rug

      It’s safe to say that Autumn is here, bringing with it cool weather, the shortening of days, not to mention a collective sigh of relief from parents! The bedroom, unfortunately, should also be following this seasonal trend; as much as we like bright colours and clean, comfy sheets, holding on to these […]

5 Winter Holiday Destinations Your Family Will Remember Forever

Tropical paradise

    Summer may be drawing to a close but that doesn’t mean that the holiday season is over. Whether you didn’t manage to get away this summer or if you simply feel like kicking up your heels and heading off to pastures new as the seasons change, here are some great ideas for family […]

A Guide to Finding the Right House With Your Family in Tow

hand holding new house for family - concept

    Finding the right house with a family in tow can be difficult. You haven’t just got to please and take care of yourself anymore. You need to take care of your family, and make sure you’re all as happy as possible living under one roof. The area you live in should be suitable […]

Prepare Your Kids For Moving House – The Essential Guide

Real estate agent for sale sign

    Sometimes it is easy to forget the effect a house move can have on children. Think back to your school years. Though some people had an awful experience, many made lifelong friends and enjoyed what they now look upon as the best years of their lives. Imagine for one moment, that your parents […]

Top Driving Tips That All Teenagers Should Know About

Woman holding ripped L plate after passing driving test

    As a teenager, you feel pretty awesome about yourself when you get your driver’s license. You now have the freedom to travel in your car whenever you want, and wherever you want! Having a legal entitlement to drive also means that you have a better chance of getting a job. The only downside, […]

Back to School Tech That Makes the Grade


    It’s that time of year again. Back to School season is upon us. Truth be told, you should have been done with your shopping weeks ago. No worries. It is never too late to add a few more items to your kid’s 30 lb. backpack. In fact, if you choose the right tech […]

Choosing A Care Home For Your Elderly Relative


    Once you have made the decision of moving an elderly relative into a care home there is the choice of venue to mull over. This can be tricky with a number of factors likely to influence you. Here are some considerations when making this big step in your relative’s life. These aspects obviously […]

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