August 1, 2015

Behind the Scenes: Gastronomia Il Ceppo


  Our final visit during our food trip of Italy was to Vicenza, the home of Gastronomia Il Ceppo. The visit didn’t begin so well; we (read: Mike), entered the wrong address into the SatNav and we ended up in the wrong place. A frantic and apologetic email to Riccardo (second left in photo above) […]

7 Great Ways to Keep in Touch When Travelling


  Over the last few years we have taken to travelling for greater periods of time than the usual one or two week holidays we used to have. Luckily, our jobs mean that we are able to work anywhere, any time, enabling us to travel relatively freely while still earning a living. Thanks to technology […]

20 Summer Bucket List Activities for All the Family


    Summer is here and that means it’s time to get the family out and about in the sunshine – hopefully! If you are wondering how to keep the kids occupied during the summer holidays why not create a summer bucket list for the whole family to work through together during the next few […]

Disney for All with Makaton and More Than Words


  Four years ago our friends Paul and Hannah celebrated the birth of their daughter Gracie. Gracie was born with Bulbar Palsy and an undiagnosed genetic disorder. Paul, a policeman and Hannah (who runs her own cake making business from home), were told that Gracie would never be able to communicate, eat or walk. Whilst Gracie […]

You Can’t Call Your Child That! 10 Names You Can’t Give Your Baby

birth certificates

  Naming your baby is serious business. After all, a name is usually something that they will be stuck with for the rest of their life and, unless you: i) want to make their adult life particularly hard or, ii) don’t much like your child from birth, you will probably put some thought into the […]

How to Find the Perfect Family Car

car key in hand

  If you have a family of five or more, finding the right car to accommodate you all can be quite a headache. There’s a number of things you need to get right to ensure everyone is comfy, safe and that you can securely get to your destination. Plus, when you add on top of […]