April 20, 2014

Spring flower cake pops

spring flower cake pops

    There is nothing quite like fresh flowers to let you know that spring has finally arrived. What better way to celebrate the end of winter than with a Cake Pop Flower Bouquet?!   (Makes approximately 20 cake pops) Ingredients: For cake: 2 medium eggs 180g self raising flour 140g caster sugar 120g butter […]

Simnel Cake

Simnel Cake

      Simnel Cakes were originally made by servants and maids as gifts for their mothers when they returned home for what was usually their one holiday, Mothering Sunday. During these mid-Victorian times, the cakes would be decorated with flowers. The light fruit Simnel Cake which is now eaten during the Easter period contains […]

Review: Gardening Lab for Kids

gardening lab for kids

      With summer here once again one of the most important and magical things you can do is to grow your own vegetables and flowers. The one thing that makes it even better is doing it with your children! Gardening Lab for Kids is the newest gardening book published by Quarry. It’s filled with […]

Sew, a needle pulling thread… the large family way!

Libby concentrates...

    Eddie is our resident crafter. He always has several projects on the go and his creativity and imagination knows no bounds. This morning he set about making himself an eye mask.     As with pretty much anything in this house, curious siblings quickly gathered to see what was going on and whether […]

Large Family of the Week: The Rainford Family!

photo (22)

    This week’s Large Family of the Week is the Rainford family from Wales. Read more about mum Joanne and the rest of the family here…   Introduce us to your family (names and ages & tell us a bit about yourselves): My name is Joanne aka Mommy. I am 28 and a single […]

Another step closer to living our dream…


      A couple of weeks ago we announced that the time had finally come for us to go and realise our long-held dream of living a more self-sufficient life.  For those who commented and emailed us to say that this part of our lives would make a great book – yes, we agree! […]

Easter Chick Cake Pops

Easter Chick Cake Pops

    Cake pops are a little different to your normal baked or homemade treats. With a little imagination and a tad more patience, the creative possibilities are endless. Making them takes place over several hours, requiring short bursts of effort rather than long periods of toil, making them perfect to dip and out of […]

Something to lose: Week 6

bathroom scales, losing weight

    Things are progressing as usual on this venture to shift the fat and the journey of discovery continues. I’m still doing the daily step routine on the bathroom scales – sometimes several times a day – as if half a stone will magically disappear between 7am and 11am. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if […]

How to Ensure Peace in a Large Family Household

large families

    No matter the size of your family each member is their own individual and, just like in every other aspect of life, this can cause issues within the confines of your own home. Larger families are even more volatile as there are more people to annoy each other at different times of the […]

Large Family of the Week: The Pollard Family!

Pollard Family

    This week’s Large Family of the Week is the fabulous Pollard family from Devon in England. Mum Jules and I could quite easily have been separated at birth, even though they are far further along the self-sufficiency route than we are! Read about her wonderful family here…   Introduce us to your family […]

Something to lose: Week 5

bathroom scales, losing weight

    I went into the last week with a marked determination to stick to the plan, and I did. Despite my efforts, this week provided me with the lesson that there is no such thing as ‘surely’. I ate within my limits although tracking fell to the wayside a little. However, as I was […]

It’s time to go…

New chapter

    Those of you who are long-time readers or who watched us on ’16 Kids and Counting’ last year might remember us talking about our desire to move away with a view to becoming a little more self-sufficient. This has been a dream of ours for many years. A dream of a bigger house, […]

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