March 4, 2015

8 Tips for Writing Great Essays

pad and pen

  Learning how to write good essays can make a difference between mediocre grades and great results. Developing essay-writing skills even further will result in terrific grades. Here are some top tips to creating great essays every single time:   Set aside time You can’t write up a half-decent essay in a rush. Make sure […]

Successful Methods That You Can Use to Help Your Kids Do Well in Maths


    Okay, so maths may not be everyone’s favourite subject. But, it’s a fundamental part of growing up and education. Maths is all consuming and will be an enormous part of your kid’s life. Of course, at the moment all they need to know is how to calculate their pocket money. But, as they […]

Nurturing the Mathematical Middle School Child

Pupils at school doing their homework

    By the year 2020, 5 million technology jobs in the US alone will go unfilled. This means that a child who is interested in science, technology, education, and mathematics will have a much better chance at working in a lucrative career than one who studies more general subjects Mathematics: A Universal Language While it is […]

Futureproof Your Kids with Overseas Study

Students with globe

    The kids are growing up. They’re hairier, louder, smellier than they ever were before, increasingly demanding, and they’re more worried about their cell phone ringtones than going to college. Sound familiar? Reserving a precious moment in between selfies to talk about further education can be difficult, but if you want to give them […]

How Parents Can Effectively Prepare Their Children For School


    Starting school is a big change for most children; it can be both appealing and frightening at the same time for them. Preparing a child for school in advance makes them less anxious and more confident about starting school. Below are ways which parents can effectively prepare their children for school.   Preparing […]

What to Do to Ensure Your Children Get the Best Education

Four children in the library

    As a parent, you obviously want your child to get the best education. A lot of this is down to the behaviour of the child and their natural ability, rather than the school they attend. While we know that there are quite a few readers who home educate their children, we’re aware that […]

Ultimate Guide For Your Child’s Options At 18

teenage girl

  With the beginning of the New Year upon us, your son or daughter may be wondering what to do next summer. Exams are coming soon, and grades are looking promising. Your child may be one of the lucky ones and achieve well this year. Doing well in school or college opens up many opportunities […]

Introducing LeapTV: The First Console Just for Kids!

Tess Daly launches LeapTV 2

    It’s obvious to say that children love playing games. However, what if you could combine both entertainment and teach core skills? Well step forward LeapFrog who have launched LeapTV, the first active education based games console primarily aimed towards children from the ages of 3-8. TV’s familiar face, Tess Daly, (with a little […]

5 Time-Saving Strategies for the College Crowd

Back to school, books and an alarm clock

    University is a busy time in your life, and sometimes the daily chores, the lectures, part-time jobs, parties and everything else can make it feel like you don’t have the time to focus properly on your studies. If so, there are a number of ways that you can save time and get more […]

How to Help Your Children Choose a College Course

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    Your children are ready to fly the nest and embark on a college or university degree. This can be a daunting time for parents. But, it can be an exciting time for your children. As a supportive parent, you want to make sure that they are getting the best from their education. You […]

When playing and learning go hand in hand

abcd and blocks

    Today, play and learning tend to be treated as two very different activities, but in the past play behaviour developed as a means of learning. Combining them again means that children can come to see learning not as a chore but as something that is fun and engaging, something they actively want to […]

Help your child prepare for exams

boy doing homework

    Exams are rarely easy for children. They can result in stress, severe anxiety attacks and even a loss of appetite. Make sure that you keep your child on track through this often challenging time with the following advice.   Extra prep Exam study is a skill that comes with time and experience, it […]

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