May 27, 2016

Everything You Need To Know Before Your Child Goes To University

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    If your child is about to reach university age, you may be both nervous and excited for them. Leaving home is a big deal at this tender age. Sure, you’ll see them in the holidays, but you’ll miss them every day in between. And they’ll miss you. After all, you are their rock. You’ve […]

Three ways to become a teacher

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    Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers there is and regularly ranks in the top three of careers for job satisfaction. As the baby boom continues, the number of primary teacher jobs has risen without the necessary number of applicants. This means that opportunities for talented entrants into the profession have never […]

Essay Topic Generator: An Essential Tool for Every University Student

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    University is a time of self-discovery and adventure. It is a time when you get new experiences that will shape the way you view and deal with life. It is a major milestone for every individual because this is when you get to understand the world better and learn your place in it. It […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Education


    Home education is the educating of kids in a home, usually conducted by their parent. This allows the parent to give more personalised support to a child, either because they had previously been bullied or simply to be able to allow a child to learn at his or her own pace rather than working lock-step […]

How to Get Kids Interested in Blogging About Video Games


    Writing reviews about what you like to do in family life is one of the best ways of getting into blogging – and this is as true of kids as it is with adults. If your children enjoy video games, then they will often find a ready audience with readers who are like-minded. […]

10 Effective Ways To Deal With Disruption When Home Educating

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    Whether you work in a classroom or home educate you’ll know that there are many different ways kids learn, from the more traditional teaching methods to using some of the innovative resources that can be sourced from Hope Education. However, you’ll also know that bad behaviour can tarnish a lesson and distract those wanting […]