January 30, 2015

How Parents Can Effectively Prepare Their Children For School


    Starting school is a big change for most children; it can be both appealing and frightening at the same time for them. Preparing a child for school in advance makes them less anxious and more confident about starting school. Below are ways which parents can effectively prepare their children for school.   Preparing […]

What to Do to Ensure Your Children Get the Best Education

Four children in the library

    As a parent, you obviously want your child to get the best education. A lot of this is down to the behaviour of the child and their natural ability, rather than the school they attend. While we know that there are quite a few readers who home educate their children, we’re aware that […]

Ultimate Guide For Your Child’s Options At 18

teenage girl

  With the beginning of the New Year upon us, your son or daughter may be wondering what to do next summer. Exams are coming soon, and grades are looking promising. Your child may be one of the lucky ones and achieve well this year. Doing well in school or college opens up many opportunities […]

Introducing LeapTV: The First Console Just for Kids!

Tess Daly launches LeapTV 2

    It’s obvious to say that children love playing games. However, what if you could combine both entertainment and teach core skills? Well step forward LeapFrog who have launched LeapTV, the first active education based games console primarily aimed towards children from the ages of 3-8. TV’s familiar face, Tess Daly, (with a little […]

5 Time-Saving Strategies for the College Crowd

Back to school, books and an alarm clock

    University is a busy time in your life, and sometimes the daily chores, the lectures, part-time jobs, parties and everything else can make it feel like you don’t have the time to focus properly on your studies. If so, there are a number of ways that you can save time and get more […]

How to Help Your Children Choose a College Course

wooden signpost

    Your children are ready to fly the nest and embark on a college or university degree. This can be a daunting time for parents. But, it can be an exciting time for your children. As a supportive parent, you want to make sure that they are getting the best from their education. You […]

When playing and learning go hand in hand

abcd and blocks

    Today, play and learning tend to be treated as two very different activities, but in the past play behaviour developed as a means of learning. Combining them again means that children can come to see learning not as a chore but as something that is fun and engaging, something they actively want to […]

Help your child prepare for exams

boy doing homework

    Exams are rarely easy for children. They can result in stress, severe anxiety attacks and even a loss of appetite. Make sure that you keep your child on track through this often challenging time with the following advice.   Extra prep Exam study is a skill that comes with time and experience, it […]

Top 3 Educational Gifts for Kids

gifts in red and pink box

Knowing what to buy your child for their birthday isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Whilst there’s a great deal to choose from it can often feel as if we’re a little spoilt for choice. So, if you’re a parent who’s struggling to know where to start then this is the blog for you. […]

6 Reasons Why I Decided to Study for my Degree as a Thirty-Something Mum-of-13


    It was about a year ago that Mike and I stopped off for a rare coffee together while running errands, and it was during this quick rendezvous that I decided to run my thoughts by him. Ever my sounding board, his opinion is the only one which matters to me. He knows me […]

Why Audiobooks Are Great for Kids

boy reading and listening music

    Audiobooks are perfect for those that want to escape from the stresses of daily life. Taking the time to read with children can be difficult, especially with our hectic lifestyles but it is so important that we take the time to help develop our children’s love affair with the literary world. Many children’s […]

Importance of Post-Secondary Education

Students in college learning

    Post-secondary education is also known as higher education or tertiary education. It is any type of education that takes place after high school or secondary education. Post-secondary education may vary from undergraduate programs; post graduate programs, vocational training programs among others. These are mainly offered in either universities or colleges or institutions that […]

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