April 18, 2014

Sew, a needle pulling thread… the large family way!

Libby concentrates...

    Eddie is our resident crafter. He always has several projects on the go and his creativity and imagination knows no bounds. This morning he set about making himself an eye mask.     As with pretty much anything in this house, curious siblings quickly gathered to see what was going on and whether […]

5 Great Resources for Teaching Your Kids Spanish


      A second language, or even a third or fourth, is a great asset. In the world of work, travel, or even helping out a stranger, an extra language can give your children an advantage over others, both while they’re still young and when they reach adulthood. Spanish is spoken by nearly 7% […]

Simple tips to teach your child how to tell the time

Child learns the clock

    Teaching your child to tell the time isn’t the easiest thing to do. Keeping it fun and light helps make learning fun for youngsters, but it’s also important to keep things uncomplicated too.   Practise learning numbers first It might sound simple but can be easily overlooked. Helping your child learn to recite […]

Increasing School Income Gives Educational Resource a Boost

Pupils at school doing their homework

    It seems quite simple doesn’t it? The more money a school has, the more it is able to spend on educational resources, to improve student learning. Regular stories in the media claim not enough is being done to maintain educational success in this country, with learning officials such as Ofsted being the harshest […]

The 10 Myths of Home Education


    Despite its continued growth home education is still surrounded by speculative myths and fables of its own. Mention the words ‘home education’ or ‘homeschool’ and you’re bound to get several common responses from the all-knowing-but-not-actually-knowing. Here are ten of the most common myths about home educating which you can find spoken with authority […]

Why Unschooling Doesn’t Mean Uneducated

girl reading in garden

    I respond to the Daily Mail’s recent article on the mother who unschools her children over on Quib.ly. Please do go over and have a read: ‘Why Unschooling Doesn’t Mean Uneducated’   Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on faves Buzz it up Share on Linkedin share […]

Parents to receive £600 to help their children with homework, but should they?

Father helping daughter

    Sessions to educate and encourage parents in poor areas are to be introduced in Middlesbrough and Camden next month, in an attempt to raise children’s skills in reading, writing, maths and science. Initially targeting parents of 1,500 families centred around two schools, families who attend all 18 sessions could receive a grant of […]

How can we encourage entrepreneurship in children?

Adorable future businessman

    Today kicks off Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 and the UK, along with 10 other countries, is encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to ‘take a step forward’ to global success thanks to Youth Business International. When we think of entrepreneurs we often conjure up the image of older people with an agglomeration of ideas that they […]

Courts refuse to allow 18-year-old severely disabled son to return home because his mother home educates him

The words Court House outside the Supreme Court

    A 50-year-old mother-of-four has been told that her son cannot return to live with her because she advocates home educating him. The young man was home educated for ten years, along with two of his siblings yet after he was admitted as an in-patient in 2011, she was informed by Northamptonshire County Council […]

Ofsted chief calls to enrol children at school from the age of two

nursery children

    Ofsted chief, Baroness Sally Morgan, has called upon schools to enrol children from the age of two-years-old, believing that a formal education at a younger age would narrow the gap between rich and poor pupils. Schools which enrol children from the ages of five to eighteen are not enough, she believes. Speaking during a […]

Why we decided to change our home education curriculum

Boy Reading Book with Education Objects

    Since beginning home educating we have used the ACE curriculum by TEACH. The reason we began using it was because it was the only curriculum available here in the UK which was suitable for children from pre-school age up to and including secondary age. Knowing how my own time was limited, and how […]

Top Money Saving Tips to Pass on to your Children Heading to Uni

Christ Church college. Oxford, England

    The means of a student are never going to be mistaken for those of a Monte Carlo plutocrat, even if many students do their level best to live beyond those means. This leads to short- and long-term debts, cold sweats every time a utility bill comes in and blind panic when rent is […]

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