We Review: The Hoover Dynamic Extreme 13kg Washing Machine – It Looks Good But…

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Our family has grown faster than the size of domestic washing machines have been able to keep up with – until now. The Hoover Dynamic Extreme DWFT413AH8 is the newest large capacity machine from Hoover and, just over a week in, it has already made a considerable difference to our laundry pile.

The machine itself is extremely well built, feeling sturdy and appearing as though it will withstand the almost constant use that our household will require from it. The width and height is of a standard, lesser capacity machine but the depth measures slightly longer. This gave us some concern that the front of the machine might protrude into the kitchen further than we would have liked but this turned out to be an unnecessary worry, with its final positioning being only slightly further forward than the tumble drier and dishwasher it stands beside, and barely noticable as it turns out.

The controls are somewhat futuristic in design, comprising an X-Pad touch control panel displaying a red light whenever a button is pressed. Extremely touch sensitive, we have, on occasion, turned the machine on, off and switched the cycle without meaning to. This was easily solved as, though the features state that there is no child lock, we were pleased to discover that this isn’t entirely accurate. As with most machines, the door will lock automatically on starting the cycle, but the touch sensitive control panel can also be locked by pressing the ‘Night and Day’ and ‘Delay Start’ buttons simultaneously, therefore preventing anyone from inadvertently changing the cycle or switching the machine off during use.


Hoover Dynamic Extreme 13kg washing machine touch panel


The LED display is large and clear, informing you constantly about the machine’s status. You can easily see whether the locks are activated, the spin speed, the wash temperature and the duration of the cycle with a countdown timer until the end which I find particularly useful to have. When a cycle has completed it lets you know with the word ‘END’ displaying. The display also alerts you to any issues such as being unable to load water or if the filter is blocked.


Hoover Dynamic Extreme 13kg washing machine LED Display


The generously sized drum allows us to pack in a whopping 13kg of laundry at a time rather than the 9kg of our previous machine meaning we get through the wash pile quicker. It has the most efficient A+++ rating making making it financially and environmentally friendly to run. Our previous machine had a 9kg capacity and we would need to do an average of four to five loads each day. The 13kg Hoover Dynamic Extreme allows us to reduce our daily wash pile in just three loads. This means that not only do we save on the machine’s overall efficiency, but we also save money on electricity, water, and detergent by doing slightly more laundry in fewer loads.

The machine is packed with useful features including three rapid wash cycles of 14, 30 or 44 minutes, and a clear LED display, a 1400 A-rated spin speed and Fuzzy Logic sensor technology that automatically adjusts water use, temperature and wash time according to the weight of the load. Yet, despite its size and the features, it is the quietest machine we have ever owned, having left us checking to see whether we had in fact put it on on more than one occasion since its arrival!


Hoover Dynamic Extreme 13kg washing machine front


As well as the classic features and options such as adjustable spin speed, a delay start button that allows you to delay your wash cycle for up to 24 hours, and prewash and extra rinse buttons, the Hoover Dynamic Extreme also introduces a few new features. Hygiene Plus is a one touch option to hygienise clothes with a temperature of 60°C. Certain wash cycles can also be used with the Active Steam treatment, an option that relaxes creases in the garments whilst they are wet, reducing the ironing time they require once washed. A key feature that I particularly like is the ability of the machine to memorise where it was stopped in the event of a power cut, enabling it to continue where it left off once reconnected.

The advancing technology doesn’t stop there. Download the Hoover Wizard App to your Android or iOS smartphone or device and you can connect with your machine from wherever you are, thanks to the One Fi Extra technology. Whilst it was quite fun to try out, I don’t honestly know how often we would actually utilise this particular feature ourselves and, out of everything this machine offers, this is probably going to be the least used function.

Overall, we are extremely impressed with Hoover’s latest large capacity washing machine. The Hoover brand has proven itself reliable and dependable for decades which provides reassurance as to the quality of the machine and the longevity it is expected to provide. Aesthetically pleasing, environmentally and financially friendly, and packed with features providing everything you need and more, we are so far impressed with its performance and appreciate the savings in both time and money that the Hoover Dynamic Extreme provides.


Edit: A day after writing my review we began having issues with this machine. Just 14 days after we received it, the door lock refused to open. We tried everything – switching off the power, leaving it etc, but nothing worked. After three days of 13kgs of clothes being stuck in the machine we were told to do whatever we needed to in order to open the door and retrieve our load. We did and a replacement machine was sent out to us this morning. Unfortunately, the replacement does not work properly either, as we discovered when we attempted our first load in it.

The machine keeps switching itself off, then putting itself back on and restarting the programme for a few seconds before switching itself off again. We are now on day 7 without having been able to wash our clothes and, with 4-5 loads daily, you can imagine the wash pile. What an inconvenience from such a trusted name. It seems that technology is this machine’s worst enemy. Sometimes you have too much of it and it does more harm than good. A real disappointment. Do not buy this machine!


Thank you to AO.com and Hoover for providing the Hoover Dynamic Extreme DWFT413AH8 to us for the purpose of this review. 



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3 thoughts on “We Review: The Hoover Dynamic Extreme 13kg Washing Machine – It Looks Good But…

  1. We have the slightly older version of the 13kg dynamic wizard that we have had for over a year and it’s amazing, why do companies insist on changing things when there really isn’t any need!

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for the review, I saw this on ao.com and on Very and thought it looked like a good buy, but I had a feeling it was too good to be true!
    I think Hoover, Hotpoint and another are basically the same brand.
    Our current hot point has just worn out it’s bearings after a paltry 3 years of use and I really don’t think it’s worth paying the rip off overpriced labour charge to get hotpoint to fix it.

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