A Change of Travel Plans – Adding Slovenia!

Ljubljana old map


We now have only 11 days left until we set off on our travels and I would very much like to say that we are ready to hit the road but I can’t. Why is it that just when you think you have everything in hand, it turns out that actually, you don’t? The closer our leaving date seems to get the more I discover needs to be done. And of course, the time seems to be slipping away.

We don’t seem to have helped matters when, in our true spontaneous style, we decided to add Slovenia to our travels because, well, why not? It looks like such a beautiful country that we didn’t want to just see it through passing but wanted to spend a little time there. Doing so would also break up the drive between Germany and Croatia which had been estimated to take approximately ten hours. Given that we travel by minibus and have ten children with us, some with smaller bladders than others, we need to work through a general rule of thumb whereby we add 30 – 40% of the estimated travel time. By doing this we have a far more accurate arrival time which we often find falls in line quite well. This means that our original drive from Germany to Croatia looked set to be a total of 13 or 14 hours or so, and when you consider that we also have to set up camp once we arrive it would probably have been a sheer test of patience all round, probably not so good when you’re only two days into a two month trip.

Adding Slovenia into our itinerary was not too difficult to do. It meant moving our stops along the Adriatic coast in Croatia, Montenegro and Albania over and reducing one of our stops in Albania by a night, to one single night rather than the two originally planned, but as we will be returning there for a longer stay of three nights on the way back we felt we would still have enough of a stopover to explore nearby at least. It is quite amusing to think that by April 1st we will have stayed in 6 countries. Not bad adventures for the first third of 2017, I don’t think.

As Slovenia would now be our penultimate stop on our way back, we could afford additional flexibility as to how long we could stay so, after discovering a beautiful homestead which produces its own cheese with wonderful owners who have offered to teach us Slovenian and show us around the country and their farm, we decided to stay there for three nights before continuing our journey home.

The children are excited about the prospect of sleeping in the hayloft of a Slovenian farm and helping out with the animals.

I’m just thrilled about the cheese!






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6 thoughts on “A Change of Travel Plans – Adding Slovenia!

    1. We’re stopping by two separate places, one only half an hour away from Ljubljana, so we hope to get a chance to visit it. Failing that, we’re looking at returning to Slovenia later this year. The problem is, we want to see *everything*!

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