Cut Costs On Your Kids Birthday With This Handy Advice!

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Celebrating a child’s birthday doesn’t need to cost the earth. Here is some advice for mums on cutting costs on their kid’s birthday!


Make your own cake

One way you can ensure you don’t break the bank on your child’s birthday is by making your own cake. Ready made cakes can end up costing a fortune if there are a lot of people coming to the party. Therefore, you should consider making your own for your kid. If you are a terrible cook, you could buy a plain birthday cake from your local grocery store. Then you can decorate it yourself to cut costs. You can also cut back by getting cupcakes. They are often a lot cheaper and easier to make yourself.


Have the party at home

Another piece of advice mums on cutting costs for their kid’s birthday is consider having the birthday party at home. When you decide to have the party at a venue, they may charge you an initial fee for having the party there. By the time you add food and an activity to the mix, it can be a very expensive party for your child. Therefore, you could consider having the party at home for your instead. A buffet and playtime with your child’s existing toys is perfect for very young children whilst younger and older children alike will enjoy a traditional party game or two. 


Find deals for their gift

An additional piece of advice for mums when looking to cut costs without compromising on the day itself is to look for deals for their gift. To save costs, you should look online to see if there are any deals on at shops currently. That way, you can save money on their birthday present. You can find discounts codes online for stores such as this voucher code £5 OFF at Amazon. Remember to stick to buying one gift, rather than lots of little ones. They soon add up, and you will have to do the same for the rest of your kids!  You can find some fun present ideas on this site.


Create your own invitations and party bags

Making your own invites and party bags ensure not only provides you with full flexibility but also allows you to add your own personal tough. You can easily make your own invitations online and then print out several copies. As for party bags, adding little items such as sweets, balloons, whistles, and bubbles or creating small craft kits that the kids can take home and complete themselves is a lovely touch. Buying items in bulk can also help save money. 






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