Over 50? Here’s a new insurance plan with a difference just for you

Life insurance concept with a colorful sunflower

Life insurance concept with a colorful sunflower


There is no telling what lies before us. We always hope for the best, but hoping for the best doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t prepare for the worst – just in case. Much as we might overlook it, accidents and illnesses do happen and the older we get, the greater the risks.

If life insurance isn’t something you already have, go and look into it now. Seriously. Especially if you have children or loved ones depending on you. And no, it doesn’t matter how old you are.

Just do it.

Today British Seniors launch the Lifetime Payback Guarantee – their newest product for the over 50s which is the first of its kind. If you are over 50 or will be approaching it soon take a look at the infographic below which tells you a little more about their new plan. One thing you’ll notice is that it guarantees you getting back more than you pay in, unlike their competitors. Find out more here below:





For more information, pop over to their site and find out more now. 









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