10 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family

Mother and her child holding hands in heart shape framing on nat

Mother and her child holding hands in heart shape framing on nat


We usually think of St. Valentine’s Day as a way to show our partner how much we love and care for them, but when you have children there is so much more love to celebrate!

So this year on St. Valentine’s Day, instead of hiring a baby sitter and going out for a romantic dinner alone, why not share this day with your family and your children? I am sure that you can come up with a whole host of fun things to do with your children on Valentine’s Day that everyone will enjoy.

However, if you can’t come up with anything right now – here are 10 ideas to help inspire you.


  1. Create Valentine’s Day cards – Children love anything crafty, so why not make a Valentine’s Day card for your partner with the children? This beautiful handcrafted card will share the love around your family.

  2. Bake a beautiful pink cake – Another activity that children love is to bake in the kitchen. So use a heart shaped mould and bake a lovely Valentine’s Day cake covered in pink icing with the children.

  3. Plan a scavenger hunt – Simply hide small chocolates and little toys all over your home and the children will have lots of fun finding them on Valentine’s Day.

  4. Have a family picnic – Take the children to a local park and have a fun family picnic, throw a few balls around and generally spend some quality time with your children on Valentine’s Day.

  5. The origins of St. Valentine’s Day – Spend some time researching the origins of Valentine’s Day online with your children and then discussing the meaning of this special day with them.

  6. Organise a family dinner – Make this a special Valentine’s dinner with everyone’s favourite foods to celebrate your family’s love for one another.

  7. Repeat one of your earlier dates: Share one of your first dates with your children, telling them how you met and if possible, actually reliving the experience with your children.

  8. Create an ‘I love you’ board – Hang a cork board in the kitchen and have each of your children write a little note about why they love each other, which you can pin to the cork board for everyone to share their love.

  9. Have a movie night – There are lots of romantic kids movies that can be enjoyed by the whole family, so snuggle up on the sofa and watch ‘Beauty and the Beast’ or Lady and the Tramp’ with the children.

  10. Valentine’s Day breakfast – Kids love waffles, so make some special heart shaped waffles for breakfast and smother them in maple syrup, strawberries and cream.

Spending Valentine‘s Day with your children is very special, but don’t forget that you can order Valentines Day flowers from online florists for your own romantic celebration with your partner as well.







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