Review: SpyNet Laser Trip Wire

Paddy spynet


Paddy spynet


Anything to do with spies is of extreme interest to the middle boys. Having had many spy kits they’re accustomed to the binoculars, codes and of course the torch and pen combo. One thing they’d never tried up until recently was a real laser trip wire.

The SpyNet Laser Trip Wire they have has been used each and every day since they received it. The boys are constantly setting it up and challenging one another to get to the other side of the room without disturbing the alarm.

The product comes with a laser transmitter, two mirrors and a receiver. When you align the transmitter and receiver you form the laser which will sound an alarm if it senses an intruder. Reflecting the light off of each of the mirrors before directing it at the receiver will of course form more lasers, making your quest to get through the room that little bit more difficult. You can attach the objects to the wall to make laser beams of different heights making it ideal for adults to join in the fun!

One thing that some people may find disappointing is that you cannot actually see the beams from the lasers. Our kids weren’t too bothered by this as it made their missions feel more risky and adventurous not knowing where the lasers were aimed. It was somewhat exhilarating not knowing for certain where they could and couldn’t step! They still had as much, if not even more fun with the lasers despite not being able to see the beams and it didn’t affect their game negatively at all.

The SpyNet Laser Trip Wire has been a success so far in our house and with the kids showing no sign of being bored of it yet, it will probably continue to entertain. Find out where you can buy your own from here!



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