Five crafting ideas for you and the kids this winter





During those winter months it’s easy to hunker down and go into a semi state of hibernation. The nights are long and many of us don’t use the daytime as we would do during the summer months.

So once you are home why not enjoy those evenings and weekends with the children by doing a few craft activities to keep them busy rather than them just watching TV or playing on their computer? Try out some of these five crafting ideas that you and the kids can enjoy this winter.


1) Candle making – Candles come in many forms and can be easily made. A good way to start is to get hold of one of the candle making kits from Homecrafts. These kits include beeswax, mouldable, container candles and pillar candles. When working with children the best types are beeswax sheets that you simply roll up and mouldable wax that doesn’t require heating. You can really add your very own unique style to your candles by adding additional scents, colours and patterns.


2) Handprint crafts – Handprint and footprint crafts are great fun for all ages but it’s important to be well prepared for this activity. By this I mean make sure your little darling isn’t going to walk on your carpet with freshly painted feet or press their wet hand onto your newly painted wall. There are many amazing ideas to try from making a full animal family to cool personalised printed cards. For some creative inspiration check out


3) Christmas crafts – Christmas is a major part of our winter season so embrace this with some interesting and innovative Christmas craft ideas. There are more traditional Christmas craft activities such as cards, Advent calendars and New Year calendars but many of your children will have already done one or all three of these activities at school. Try to introduce them to something a little bit different that will be a lovely addition to your home. You can use old lightbulbs to make hanging decorations for the tree by painting them to look like snowmen or you can gather up all your old baubles and string them together to make a sparkling wall hanging.


4) Winter games – Make your very own mini winter Olympic games that the children can enjoy creating and playing. Trying transforming six plastic cups into snowmen by getting the little ones to paint them and perhaps add googly eyes or a pretend carrot nose. The cups can then be used as skittles or ‘Speed Stacks’. You could even make your very own ice hockey or curling pitch and use straws to blow a ping pong ball into the goals or target areas.


5) Bird Feeders – Bring the outdoors a little bit closer to home by making bird feeders that you can hang around the windows of your home. There are many ways of making bird feeders and many of these ideas won’t break the bank. A simple idea is to ask your kids to use up some of their Lego pieces and make a giant hollow tower with ledges for the seeds to rest on.


These are just a few ideas that you could try. Get the kids together and have fun coming up with your own crafty activities.





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One thought on “Five crafting ideas for you and the kids this winter

  1. Nice ideas there – thanks! It’s good to keep the kids active during the winter and the Winter Olympics sounds like a great way to do that. I recently shared an active game using old Christmas Cards which came from a kids’ group leader who has been using it for years. Oh and bird feeders out of Lego is such a cute idea, sounds a lot less messy than our usual mixing up fat and peanut butter etc!

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