Fancy Making the Most of Christmas? Get Travelling!





If you have decided to side with Noddy Holder and wish it could be Christmas every day, you’re out of luck. Really speaking, could you honestly stand turkey and all the trimmings day after day after day? (I can almost feel Stephanie nodding away enthusiastically as I type that).

Whilst a daily Christmas celebration may be out of the question, those creative folk over at Prezzybox have come up with a way that travel-lovers can make the most of the festive celebrations over 10 different countries in a remarkable 37 days! What an amazing challenge that would be! Want to find out more about celebrating Christmas Phileas Fogg style? Check out the 41,000 mile journey you’d need to take here. And whilst they are talking about the Christmas spirit why not also check out some of the craziest Christmas traditions around the world along with the interactive map detailing how Christmas is celebrated globally too? Did you know that the Christmas greeting in China is ‘Shengdan jie kualie’ while in Russia it’s Father Frost that delivers the presents? Get swotting now and you’re sure to walk away with the Christmas Day trivia quiz that you might just have to lay on for the family after the feast!

If you’re thinking about taking on the Christmas travel challenge (I really think I’d like to!), treat yourself to any of their gifts for travel fans over on their site. From brilliant scratch maps to etch your journey around the world, to fully framed personalised and framed maps to mark, jot and scribble your tracks upon as you travel and plan and plan and travel some more, to more practical digital scales and a traditional compass, Prezzybox is bursting with ideas for anyone with itchy feet. If anyone’s thinking of treating me, any of those ideas I’ve mentioned would be fine by me. (In case you’re stuck for ideas, kids…).






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