Have fun. Be festive. But Don’t Drink and Drive.

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Christmas is undeniably the best time of year for getting together with friends and family for fun, food and festivities. Sadly, the message to avoid drinking and driving is still not getting through to some and fatalities on the road during the Christmas period are still high, especially when we consider that most are avoidable.

The Co-operative Insurance have recently carried out some research¬†which show that many people who admit to planning on having one or more tipples will still be driving. As if that isn’t concerning enough their research also shows that most of these people are also planning on driving passengers too.

Don’t be one of them.

Check out the Designated Driver Finder Tool that the Co-operative Insurance have created on the back of this research which also shows that often a designated driver seems to fall to someone who is still a learner. Let’s be clear, an inexperienced learner driver should only take the wheel of a vehicle when supervised by someone responsible and able. Chances are, if you aren’t fit to drive, you aren’t fit to supervise someone else behind the wheel either.

Christmas only comes once a year so by all means enjoy it but do so responsibly.

Don’t drink and drive.






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