Save Money on Motoring Costs this Christmas

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Almost everyone loves Christmas. Even those notorious festive baddies, the Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge, couldn’t deny the most wonderful time of the year. The former loved it so much he tried to steal the whole thing for himself, and the latter – despite his initial grumbles – ends up the most enthusiastic of all. But, one of the few entities that is not a fan of the festive season is your bank balance. What with stocking fillers, stuffing, and trips to visit family and friends, the price of a Merry Christmas can rapidly amount to a daunting figure.

However, there are a variety of ways to keep the costs down without sabotaging the celebrations. In this post, with so many of us travelling to see loved ones this Christmas, we look at how you can budget motoring costs.

A surprisingly efficient way to save money with your car is by altering your driving habits. Some experts have calculated that by following some simple guidelines when behind the wheel, drivers can save up to 20% on petrol costs. So what are these magic guidelines? In theory, they are remarkably simple. Driving slower, not only good for blood pressure and road safety, can also dramatically reduce your fuel consumption. Avoiding stop-and-start traffic is another way, as is regularly monitoring your tyre pressure. Once you are in the habit of following these little tips, in time you should hopefully find yourself making far less trips to the petrol station.

Garage costs are always a pain, and most of the time frighteningly expensive. However, what many families do not realise is that a vast array of glitches that spur us to ring up the mechanic in a tizzy are in actual fact remarkably simple to rectify ourselves. Though you will need some careful guidance at your first attempt, operations like replacing radiators and power steering lines are regularly carried out by amateurs – the only cost to you is time. Companies such as Mister Auto offer car accessories, including exhaust components like this at costs that are likely to be cheaper than what your local mechanic will charge to implement them at the garage.

Recently, we wrote a post about why insurance is a must for busy families. Although the majority of drivers in the UK will have car insurance, they may not have the deal that is best suited to their needs. Different insurance providers provide quotes dependent on an array of varying factors, some which may work in your favour. Many people rarely think to reassess whether they are getting the best bang for their buck when it comes to car insurance. It is perhaps not the most attractive thing to think about at Christmas time, but it will be well worth it if you find a better deal and therefore have some extra pennies to pay for the things that really make Christmas merry.











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