7 ways to include your children in your wedding plans

Wedding rings


Wedding rings


If you’re lucky enough to have your kids at your wedding don’t lumber them off on some poor relative for the day, instead include them in your wedding plans and have them feel like a special part of your big day.



One of the easiest ways to include your little one in your wedding plans is to have them act as part of the wedding party, either as a little bridesmaid or a cute groomsman. Ben was nine when Mike and I married and was an excellent Best Man for Mike. Steph and Cait were eight and two-years-old and were our bridesmaids and still remember the day fondly. They’ll feel like a special part of the day as they are included in the grown up parts of the wedding and can be entrusted with special responsibilities.


Ring bearer

The ultimate responsibility, the ring bearer is trusted to carry the rings down the aisle and keep them safe until they need to be placed on any fingers. This job is perfect for little boys and girls, although traditionally it is given to boys. They will feel very important and special as all eyes will be on them at that crucial moment, this is a great role for kids with confidence, be sure to also give them a little gift to give them in the speeches in front of everyone at the wedding.


Flower girl

Have you always loved the idea of fresh flowers being thrown down the aisle before you? Then enlist your children in the task and have them feel like a special part of your day and enjoy the extra decorative touch on your big day – of course it’s also a good idea to speak to your venue about whether the distribution of flowers inside is allowed. They’ll have to clean it up after all!


Confetti bar

Confetti bars are gaining in popularity as they offer a fun way of getting the guests involved and your kids can man the station where the confetti creating takes place, distributing bags or small boxes and encouraging people to mix confetti types to make fun, bright mixes that can be thrown on the happy couple while the photographer snaps away. Here are some great confetti bar ideas if you aren’t sure what they entail.


Craft table decorations

If you’ve settled on a theme then enlist your kids’ help before the big day by allowing them to get crafty and put together table decorations to be used at the wedding breakfast. You can proudly tell your guests they’re the reason the tables look so amazing in your speeches and they can really feel like they helped with your big day.



If your kids are confident then ask them to put together a little speech about why you and your partner love each other and what they think to the wedding. It should get people laughing as they say perfectly innocent but humorous things and they can enjoy sharing how much they love you on your big day in front of everyone. Bear in mind that this involvement is best for perhaps older kids, with big personalities, who won’t back out at the last minute.


Let them help you choose your rings

If you and your partner are having trouble settling on a wedding band then take your children along to help you make the decision, explain to them that you will have to wear this ring forever and that you trust them to choose one that will look good. Even if it’s just loading up a site such as www.77diamonds.com and asking them to show you which ones they think would look best – they’ll really feel like a part of your big day and the future.





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