Essay Topic Generator: An Essential Tool for Every University Student

Students in college learning


Students in college learning


University is a time of self-discovery and adventure. It is a time when you get new experiences that will shape the way you view and deal with life. It is a major milestone for every individual because this is when you get to understand the world better and learn your place in it. It is no surprise, then, that university course requirements are typically designed to prompt the student to think creatively.

Students are often required to submit essays and term papers so that they can critically analyse how their subject of study is related to reality. Unfortunately for many students, there are a dozen types of writing assignments, with each one utilising different tones of voice, as well as varying strategies at introducing the topic. If deciding how to write the requirement is difficult enough wait until you have to choose the topic you should write on! Imagine this: you need to write a term paper about climate change. Should you do an argumentative essay or a critical essay? Should you talk about the pros and cons, or the causes? Thank goodness for tools like, whose function is already embodied in its name!

Now, all you need to do is identify what kind of paper you want to write, the keyword you will use for your article, and the course you will be submitting the paper to. With just a few clicks of a button and you can receive a number of possible essay titles, which will help narrow your focus without compromising the essay’s relevance to your course.  What this means is that now you don’t have to read so many resources just to choose a topic; instead, you choose your topic and read about it directly. This means the tool can help you save time and effort, as well as ensure that your thoughts are organized, and your points are explored well. The best part of it is that this tool is free! Amazingly, there are no ads anywhere in the website, which means, no distractions and no frustrations. You also don’t need to register or download any application; hence, you can be assured with your privacy and security.

When you visit the site, the first thing you will notice is its simplicity. There are only three input boxes you can use to customize your searches – the keywords you plan to use for the article, the kind of article you want to write (argumentative, critical, exposition, etc.), and the subject of your article (language and literature, science, etc.).


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The search results will yield at least 15 titles; just choose the topic you are most interested with and start writing! Of course, you have to realise that this is a pretty new essay topic generator tool. It is crowd sourced, so sometimes the titles it provides are a little far out from your chosen topic. This is normal, because topic titles for some subjects are still limited due to lack of information from users. The best way of ensuring that the tool is able to perform the function it was designed to do is to encourage your family and friends to use the tool and to provide feedback or help expand the database. Thanks to the social media icons located at the upper part of the tool, sharing it is now so much easier!







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