6 Things to do now to prepare your garden for spring

Home Greenhouse after a snowfall


Home Greenhouse after a snowfall


We understand completely. It’s cold, wet and windy and the last thing you want to do is be outside but planning your garden for spring now will be well worth it. Here are the top six things to do now:


Get your tools ready for a new year of gardening

Thoroughly wash and clean your garden tools to rid them of any infections they may pass onto new plants and soil, and to keep them in tip top condition for longer. If any of them have seen better days and are past repair it might just be time to replace them instead.


Wash down your greenhouse

Owning a greenhouse can extend your gardening season significantly. If you already own one use the winter months to wash it down completely in preparation for a new growing season. Winter is also a good time to check for good deals on greenhouses for sale, well before everyone else gets bitten by the gardening bug come springtime.


Clear beds and borders

Unless you want to leave it all for the wildlife in which case you can put it off til spring, you can use the time now to clear up dead leaves and growth from flower beds and borders. Many leaves can also be stored in black bin bags and left to rot down and create a nutritious mulch.


Set up your water butts

Setting up water butts during the winter months will guarantee that they’ll be filled up in no time. Not that setting them up during British summertime won’t but you know what we mean.


Make your plans

This is the nice part of the job where you get to sit inside with a hot cuppa and plan how you want your garden to look and what you want to grow. Which leads us nicely onto the next step…


Work your way through the seed catalogues

Once you’ve made your plans it’s time to hit the seed catalogues. Get your orders in in good time for any seedlings or young plants to be delivered at the optimum planting time before stocks run out.







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