Top 6 Things to Keep in your Emergency Gift Stash

gifts for mum 3

gifts for mum 3


As organised as you can ever be, there is always the chance that an unexpected guest decides to pay a visit out of the blue. Keeping a small stash of gifts to hand is not only great for dealing with unexpected visits should they happen, but also a fabulous way to reward yourself for organising another wonderful Christmas if they don’t. Well, any excuse to spoil yourself, eh?


Gift cards

Gift cards are so useful as standby gifts especially if they are for online sites such as Amazon or popular department stores as everyone, whatever their age, will find a use for them. They don’t usually have a short shelf life so can be held onto if you don’t gift them, or you can use them yourself in the sales. Win, win!



Who doesn’t love a delicious box of luxury chocolates? Very few people, I think you’ll find! Ensure you store this stash in cool conditions and away from radiators, otherwise opt for an alternative of a retro sweet hamper.


A tipple or two

Everyone appreciates a decent bottle or two of fine wine. Finding an alcohol Christmas gift is easy enough to do at Maybe you’ll consider treating yourself too for a job well done?


Classic books

We’re not talking your average paperback kind but a hardback of a classic that never ages with time. A luxurious version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ is the perfect gift to keep to hand for this time of year and suitable for young and old alike.


Emergency children’s gifts

Books, colouring sets, Play Doh and puzzles are all excellent gifts to keep in your stash on standby for young children. These are also useful to keep to hand for birthday parties throughout the year too.


Something handmade

If you’re crafty you can use your skills to build up a handmade stash of small lap blankets, Kilner jars filled with fudge or cookies or hand crafted notebooks that you can easily personalise in seconds.


Do you keep an emergency gift stash? What would you recommend?







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One thought on “Top 6 Things to Keep in your Emergency Gift Stash

  1. Nice range of ideas there – thanks! I always buy a few extra box of choccies or biccies in for on-the-spot emergency gifts; they will get eaten by us if not given away! I also keep packets of plain gingernuts in the cupboard – they can be iced and sprinkled with coconut, then wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon for a last minute put-together gift.

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