Then and Now: The Changing Ways of Finding Old Friends

Still life of vintage telephone on table with diary book

Still life of vintage telephone on table with diary book


It only took a copy of the updated phone book to land on the doormat to get Mike and I reminiscing last week. I swear, the kids must think we are talking of times a world away when we mention how things were when we were younger and we find ourselves sounding more and more like our parents. Scary!

To begin with, we explained, there was no way in the world they would have fit through the letterbox. Instead they were left on the doorstep for you to find when you opened your front door and, let’s face it, you couldn’t really miss it there given the size of them. The phone books we used to have were at least two inches thick and resembled steps. In fact, we recalled, there was that one Christmas advert where a girl was standing under the mistletoe. The small boy couldn’t quite reach so he stood on a copy of the phone book so that he could finally kiss her. They rolled that advert out every Christmas for years, if I remember correctly!

The advert couldn’t work now, of course. It’s quite apparent by the phone book’s slimmer look that we no longer turn to print and track people down on the internet instead. While we can’t stand on a laptop to kiss someone under the mistletoe, it’s a pretty effective and speedy way to find long lost friends and reunite with family members.

For our children, finding old friends in an instant and keeping in touch with people is just another way of the speedy, immediate life that they’ve grown up with. They don’t know any other way. Those of us who remember the old phone books can appreciate how much easier technology has made finding people. Regardless of whether you remember the old days or not, you’ll probably enjoy this trip down memory lane with this infographic from Whitepages showing how quick and easy it is to find old friends now compared to days gone by:


How to find someone

Image source: Whitepages – How to find someone with the edited Electoral Roll







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