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It won’t be long before Tim is finally out of our bedroom and joining some of his brothers instead. As Cait pointed out, this will be the first time Mike and I have a bedroom to ourselves since 2001 (bar two months before Harry was born in 2003). That’s a long time to be sharing with a small person!

As we will be setting up another bunk bed to go with the triple bunk already in there, we have decided to wait until after Christmas in order to give the room a bit of a makeover first. It has kept its plain, light blue walls and Spiderman look for years so it is definitely time for a new look. We have been checking out boys bedroom ideas and gathered lots of inspiration for space-saving ideas and various fun designs that will suit the range of ages it needs to. When it came to the crunch though, there was only one way it could go… MINECRAFT!

I admit it, I too am a Minecraft fan so I am really looking forward to getting stuck into this project. I have so many ideas that the only problem I have found so far is deciding what makes it into the final design and what doesn’t. Many years ago when Ben was about six or seven I created a huge dinosaur mural along one whole side of his bedroom. It went from ceiling to floor and was a scene including several dinosaurs which stood the length and height of the room. It was pretty cool and I really wish I had a photo to share.

In comparison, a Minecraft bedroom should be relatively easy. Having the walls as a relatively blank canvas is a great starting point to work from, providing me with a ready-made blue sky backdrop to build the rest of the ‘world’ from. That everything in Minecraft is created from blocks makes it all much easier to set out and plan, not to mention the final painting. I have an inkling I’m going to need a lot of FrogTape!

We are going to need to incorporate some storage into the room without taking up too much more space than the beds already do – crafting table and creeper storage, anyone? I’ve also got some brilliant ideas for making the room seem bigger too.

I am so excited to finally be able to get on with it and the best bit is, the boys don’t have a clue! Roll on the new year so we can begin!








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7 thoughts on “A Minecraft Bedroom Makeover Project

  1. We are moving three of our boys downstairs into a garage conversion next year to make room for the twins upstairs…trouble is they all have such different tastes…my eldest wants a space theme my middle loves dinosaurs and next middle loves animals especially penguins I’m dreading it.

    1. Hi Mal :) When we had three in one room, we painted one wall each with their favourite choice for colour, and each has bedding in varying designs that broadly have the same colour scheme. We searched out curtains that included each of their colours which does a good job of tying it all together. So maybe you could search out bedding in each of their favourite themes and give them one wall each in a colour to match the bedding? Or if you are artistically confident: plain bedding in different colours for each, with a matching painted wall then their favourite theme in a mural like Tania’s (or I guess you could buy the wall stickers)?

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