Dating ‘Textiquette’ – The Dos & Don’ts

Typing a message on mobile phone


Typing a message on mobile phone


Technology is a beautiful thing that allows us to reach out and interact with people we might have never come across before, but it can also hinder our ability to start relationships with someone new when dating. Here’s a quick guide to the dos and don’ts of texting while dating – also known as ‘textiquette’, of course.


Do: Keep things short and sweet

Don’t use texts to tell the other person your life story, they’ll have gleaned everything they wanted to know so far from your profile you created while online dating with MySingleFriend and so you should use your texts to simply arrange that first date and to check in until then. Technology is great but meeting with someone in person is much better.


Don’t: Text all day long

Keep your texts to the point and don’t send unnecessary messages every five minutes throughout the day. A quick ‘have a great day’ text in the morning and a catch up text later in the day to check in and see how their day is going are both good examples of brief but sweet messages you can send.


Do: Start as you mean to go on

Some people love to text, while others are one or two word responders at best, so it’s important you start as you mean to go on and message like you normally would – don’t put on a front in order to avoid any confusion later. A sporadic, one word texter might give the wrong impression when they suddenly revert to normal service after sending longer messages beforehand. People just starting out in the world of dating someone new will read into everything.


Don’t: Ignore awkward messages

Firstly, if you don’t really want to meet with the person you’re texting then cut things off before they think your chats are going any further – and if you’ve already met but don’t feel like it’s right for you, when they ask when they’re going to see you next don’t avoid the question or ignore them altogether.


Do: Be mindful of grammar

Long gone are the days of ‘text talk’, where we would change change the word you into ‘u’ and later to ‘l8r’ – now there’s no excuse for such a thing, with our smartphone’s autocorrect functionality. Ensure your spelling is correct and that you’ve constructed your sentences to the best of your abilities; it makes all the difference when wooing a potential romantic partner now.


Don’t: Respond immediately

There used to be a rule whereby a guy would not call a girl until three days after a date, which we think is a little extreme but when it comes to ‘textiquette’ it’s a good idea to hold back a little when it comes to the haste with which you respond to a text.


Wait a couple of minutes before responding to a question or even longer if it’s just a generic check in text. This principle works alongside the ‘start as you mean to go on’ rule, if you aren’t usually a quick responder you’ll cause alarm bells to ring when you revert back to your normal messaging ways.


Do: Act like yourself

Don’t try and put on a fake persona when texting, it will only make things awkward later and you should be honest right from the moment you posted your dating profile or met that person at the bar.


Don’t: Double text

If you’re the one waiting on the other person to reply, try to avoid sending a follow up text almost immediately, there could be numerous reasons for a lack of response so be patient and wait it out… unless it goes past a couple of days, that’s when you can check in again.


Dating ‘textiquette’ is important, it allows you to set boundaries when speaking to someone and stops you from getting carried away and ruining all potential conversation starters when you first meet someone. Stick to these do’s and don’ts but most of all have fun when it comes to that first face-to-face meet up!






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