5 space saving tips for big families





Room can quickly run out for big families, what with kids toys, highchairs, mobile tech and of course furniture to house everyone, space can be tight – especially when everyone’s home at once.

That’s why you need to ensure your home is as space savvy as possible and that you’re employing some space creating tactics when it comes to furniture and floor space. Here are five space saving tips to employ, if you haven’t already:


  1. De clutter

Broken toys, furniture that has been grown out of and general clutter can make a space feel small so having a declutter can really help to create some room. Try to do this when the kids aren’t around, that way you can get rid of anything they don’t use without them protesting that they still want it, most of the time they won’t even notice toys have been thrown out.


If there are bulkier items you really don’t want to get rid of but instead need to keep safe and out of the way for the future, then consider signing up for a storage unit, you can find small, affordable units at a site such as www.readysteadystore.com.


  1. Multi functional furniture

Unless you live in a mansion your kids’ bedrooms are probably pretty small, so it’s a good idea to choose furniture that serves more than one function to make up for small space. Bunk beds incorporating a seating area and desk underneath are great for when the kids start bringing homework home or enjoy drawing and reading and some even feature built in wardrobes to free up even more room.


If you have a young baby then create a changing station on top of a side dresser to save space. Simply take a long dresser and perhaps jazz it up with a lick of paint, use the drawers to store essentials such as nappies and baby wipes and then place a changing mat on top when you are changing the baby. Use a mirror tray to collect your perfume and make up that can be swapped in and out for whatever you wish to use the dresser for that day. Here are some simple, easy DIY ideas for inspiration.


  1. Utilise wasted space

Under the sofa and beds, above doorways, under windowsills, in alcoves – all of these spaces can be used as storage areas for you and your family’s belongings, creating more room elsewhere.


  1. Hinged shelves

An ingenious hinged shelf, attached to the wall, can quickly become a table or a desk for kids and even yourself. They are a great idea because they allow you to enjoy table top space that can be quickly and easily put away, to create room for play or when people visit. You can even create a hinged shelf yourself, here’s a quick video via the Martha Stewart website to take some inspiration from.


  1. Cubby hole shelving

Take up a wall to a cubby hole shelving unit and have it house the everyday items your family leaves lying around on chair arms and in the middle of the floor. Save space by keeping everything in one place and assign certain cubbies to people in the house so they know where to put their things.







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