Adding the personal touch to your winter wardrobe

warm sweaters stacked on wooden table


warm sweaters stacked on wooden table


The cold brutal winter weather that all Brits know and love/despise (delete as appropriate) is here, but is your wardrobe up to it? There’s a fair chance that the summer sunshine will have dominated proceedings for several months and some of your garments will now be more out of place than a granddad at a 1D concert – but all is not lost.

Once you’ve created a little space by putting away shorts, flip-flops and other short-term irrelevances, there will be a gap perfect for new arrivals. Here are some top ideas:


Create a capsule wardrobe

This will be a new term for many, but is really gaining traction for those looking to save money but also stripping out clothes that you don’t wear and creating new looks. It essentially involved creating mini-wardrobes based on smaller sets of clothes, and putting aside the left overs. Once the weather changes you move on to the next wardrobe capsule. Numerous blogs have expanded on the idea, including



Yes, we know it sounds silly, but we also all know that feeling of walking from the bitter December brutality into a party and sweating like a racehorse within 10 minutes of arriving, due to the multiple layers. The solution is to make your own printed t-shirts which will instantly become a talking point for the guests. A good-quality t-shirt can also be worn in the gym or sports matches and winter holidays, or stored in time for the warmer spring months.


Good shoes

Hard wearing boots can clash with some items in your wardrobe, but a strong and sturdy selection says much about you and your approach to the tough winter weather. They’re easy to clean with the right equipment and reusable year-upon-year, so an initial big investment on a named brand might pay dividends – especially if you’re planning hill-climbing or an active holiday in 2016. As the Telegraph states, the good quality boot has become a staple of the catwalk in recent years, so choose wisely.


Mini skirts

A surprising choice at first glance perhaps, but popular for 2015 according to this Independent piece. The technical specification for a mini skirt is defined by a gap of 5cm above the knee, although this depends somewhat on the length of leg of course. Choose tights that complement and accentuate the effect, or go without; you can bet that you’ll be one of the only ones to be baring the flesh in the winter weather.



One of the true utilitarian clothing choices of the 21st century, the hoodie can be a very individual piece in its own right and perfect for casual social affairs and running alike. However, the world of the internet has opened up possibilities of placing your personalised messages and images on the front or shoulder. Again, choose a colour that doesn’t jar with your other choices, and perhaps one that will still be as good in the summer as the winter blues.




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