Media Request: Families Wanted for New TV Show!

vintage tv isolated on a white background


vintage tv isolated on a white background



Have you and your family ever dreamt of quizzing a celebrity? Asking the questions that your average TV host wouldn’t dare?


You might get the chance in this potential TV project, as the star could be sleeping in your spare room!


What would you ask them? Would you get them to help your kids with their homework? Would they stack the dishwasher? What will they make of your usual Saturday night entertainment?


Dragonfly Film & Television are developing a brand new exciting series and we’re looking for British families with real character and the gift of the gab.


Maybe you share your house with lots of siblings, grandparents, extended family or even pets? You might live in an unusual house, caravan or even a castle? Whatever it is that makes your family stand out from the rest, and will make it fun for our celebrity guest, we want to hear about it!


If you think that your family is a little bit different and has what it takes to give our celebrity a weekend they’ll never forget, please email with a photo of your family or call us on 0207 033 3195.





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