Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Education





Home education is the educating of kids in a home, usually conducted by their parent. This allows the parent to give more personalised support to a child, either because they had previously been bullied or simply to be able to allow a child to learn at his or her own pace rather than working lock-step with a range of abilities in a classroom environment. Parents with no other jobs but home educating their kids can be able to take up online jobs, for example, being custom writers for essays.

The popularity of home education is growing at a rate of between 7 to 15 percent each year. About two million children are home educated. Having been provided the opportunity to work in the way that best suits them and their needs, many home educated children go on to be invited to universities and colleges. As they grow to become adults, they become reliable employees and are known for being self-driven learners.

Many advantages are seen in home education. To start with, home education offers education freedom. Home-educated students have the freedom to study whatever interests them, whenever they like it, and for as long as they like it. To parents, home education offers physical freedom. Their lives are not tied to the school calendar, homework or the school hours any more. These families are then able to plan for holidays, picnics or long-term travel. In short, lives can be lived according to what works for you and your family.

Home educated students also have emotional freedom since they are away from bullies, peer pressure, boredom, and competition. These kids can dress and act up as they see fit without the need to “fit in” or the fear of ridicule.

Another advantage of home educating your kids is that it fosters closer family relationships. Families who shared their experiences said that home education played a major role in the bonding of the family. Teenagers benefited the most from this since those with rebellious or destructive behaviors got them diminished. Consequently, home education brings about stability during trying times. Be it an illness or some transition, it helps families cope better during this period.

Sleep being an important part of every student – especially active teenagers – home education plays a major role in ensuring that students are well rested for the day to tackle the coming day’s studies.

In addition to the above, home education simplifies what kids learn in terms of time. What is covered in school for a week can be covered in just a matter of hours. All the hours spent doing homework also disappears.

However, home education also has some disadvantages. To start us off, home education brings about time constraints. Most parents have to know how to balance their time between work and teaching their kids at home.

Home education may also bring financial constraints. This can occur when one parent forgoes employment in order to home educate the kids. This is a big sacrifice especially to families with a struggling budget, especially given that there contrary to popular belief there is absolutely no financial help in order to home educate at all.

Another disadvantage arises for parents with a not so good relationship with their kids. Having to spend the whole day with their kids might not be a good idea if you don’t enjoy the company or there is a clash of personalities.

Consequently, a chance for kids to participate in competitive sports is limited since they may not be welcomed to play with the other kids’ teams in their schools. This is easily overcome by the ability to join clubs or get together with other home educating groups.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of ignorance regarding home educating despite its growth. At its best, other people might view home education as an odd behavior or even a threat to those who cannot accept that parents can succeed where teachers have failed. Families who choose to home educate may find themselves having to learn how to deal with all the criticism that come along the way.







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2 thoughts on “Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Education

  1. How sad that under the disadvantages they put about having to spend all day everyday with your children especially if you don’t like their company ????? Really ??? I home educate my children and I feel honoured that I get to spend all day everyday with my amazing children. do people really not like the company of their own children ??? Xx

    1. I agree but some people do find it difficult to be together because of personality clashes or simply being together 24/7. We’ve home educated for over ten years and much as anyone can enjoy it and all the benefits it brings, it isn’t always an easy thing to do. It’s just trying to raise awareness of the level of commitment involved, because it definitely is something to be committed to too.

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