The Value of Sight

Seeing Telma

Seeing Telma


Look around you.

Take a long, good look around you.

Now imagine never seeing anything you are looking at right now, ever again.

Not your home, not your surroundings, not your children’s faces.

Now imagine knowing that your condition was treatable. And that it only cost £30.

Last year Sightsavers launched their #MillionMiracles campaign with the aim of raising enough money to fund one million sight-saving operations at a cost of just £30 each. This year they are asking the UK public to think of the #ValueofSight, challenging three volunteers to spend one day living through the eyes of a cataract sufferer. Their day was caught on video, capturing their reactions, their thoughts and their challenges.

Once their challenge had been completed they were able to remove the lenses and see perfectly once again. For those such as Laurinda in Mozambique, life is very different.

Laurinda is a single mother to seven young children. Only in her early thirties herself, she has been blind for four years and has never seen her one-year-old daughter, Telma.

The Sightsavers mobile surgery team met Laurinda during a village screening and spent four weeks with her, following her as she finds out that she will be able to see again, accompanying her to surgery and sharing the moment she sees her daughter for the first time ever. Emotional? I’ll say!

Personally, I cannot begin to imagine life without sight. Not being able to see my children’s faces is unbearably difficult to even think about, let alone the small things in life like watching clouds race through the sky, or stunning sunsets or beautiful flowers. In fact, I never realised until writing this how much I do take my sight for granted. What would you miss?

Watch the video below to see how the Sightsavers volunteers did with their limited sight for the day and to meet Laurinda, and don’t forget to keep up with her as her story unfolds.



Fancy supporting Sightsavers in their #ValueofSight appeal? You can donate to their Million Miracles campaign here. 


Disclaimer: This post was written in association with Sightsavers.




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