Pancreatic Cancer: Do You Know the Signs?




As we all know, Friday the 13th is traditionally thought of as the day of bad luck. What it also marks today is World Pancreatic Cancer Day, the day that the charity Pancreatic Cancer Action aims to raise awareness of the devastating illness.

Few of us will have been unaffected by some form of cancer, be it ourselves or someone we love. For those diagnosed life can become its very own horror movie. Unfortunately, a lack of awareness of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer in particular means that for some, treatment is already too late. Sadly, most of the 24 people diagnosed each day will only live for a period of 4-6 months.

One of these survivors is Ali Stunt, the chief executive of Pancreatic Cancer Action says: Due to a chronic lack of awareness, people are often diagnosed too late for surgery, which is currently the only cure. We must ensure more people are diagnosed at an early stage to give them the best possible chance of recovery.”

They have created a video which features three classic horror scenes, presenting the general public with the frightening reality of people living with a disease that offers a very low survival rate.

“Having being diagnosed with this disease myself, this scary short video highlights how terrifying it is,” continues Ali.  “To be told you have pancreatic cancer is like seeing a scary movie play out before your very eyes.”

“We really hope this campaign will help more people to recognise those early signs and encourage them to visit their GP if they have any concerns.

Pancreatic Cancer Action is committed working towards earlier diagnosis.  The charity is focused on educating the public and medical community as well as funding research.  They also campaign for more funding from the government into research, which currently stands at only 1.4 per cent of all research funding.

Ali concludes: “Ultimately we want to see a dramatic increase in the number of people that survive this awful cancer.  While no early detection device exists, awareness of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer is key to saving lives.”

Do you know what to look out for? Watch this video and find out:



Find out more information and advice at Pancreatic Cancer Action.














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