7 Budget Garden DIY Ideas For This Autumn

composition automnale rustique sur fond bois


composition automnale rustique sur fond bois


The end of summer doesn’t mean you have to lock your tools in the shed and abandon your outdoor space for a year. Autumn is the perfect time to get out in the garden and take advantage of the cooler weather, when the tougher jobs will be slightly easier and you won’t be tempted to down tools and sunbathe instead.


Build a raised bed

Building your own raised bed is far easier and cheaper than you may imagine. There are many benefits to having one, including the instant transformation to your garden. These can be used for flowers or to start a vegetable patch. If you go for vegetables there are many that are perfect to start growing over winter, so you can get started straight away.


Create your own compost…

The autumn clear up of borders and vegetable plots always generates a lot of plant material for the compost heap – so if you don’t already have one, this is the perfect time to create one! A compost bin will feed your soil to help keep plants healthier and will also provide a habitat for all sorts of wildlife from worms to frogs. Put raw food waste in and turn it each week with a fork, then when it is ready you can spread it across your beds.


… and leaf mould

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, when the leaves change colour and start to fall from the trees and crunch underfoot. Although for a gardener, this may just be seen as an extra job, as you have to rake them up for the 5th time in a week! However, if you construct a large wire mesh bin in a sheltered spot of your garden, you can collect all your leaves together. These will rot down to a leaf compost that will add structure and organic matter to your soil.


Build your own fire pit

A fire pit is the perfect way to sit outside when the evenings get chillier. Building one is fairly simple but the end result is incredibly impressive and the perfect talking point as you enjoy an autumn evening sat around it with friends. You simply need stones or bricks to get you started – then the design is entirely up to you.


Used recycled bottles to build a greenhouse

A greenhouse is the perfect place to keep your plants safe and protect them from the frost over winter – but did you know you could create your own? Building your own greenhouse out of plastic bottles isn’t only a fun autumn project, but it will turn waste into something useful and provide you with an eco-friendly place to grow your fruit, vegetables and plants for years to come.


Fill your garden with roses  

Autumn is the season for planting new roses in the garden – these great patio and standard roses come in a variety of vibrant colours perfect to fill your pots and tubs! You could create a new focal point by using a trellis either over furniture, such as a bench or up a wall, to grow climbing roses.


Create a wildlife friendly space

As autumn turns to winter your garden wildlife is going to find it harder to find food, water and shelter. With this in mind, you can help birds and other wildlife make it through the colder months by creating a birdbath, houses and feeders from recycled material.








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  1. I love the greenhouse idea! Not come across that before, I’ll definitely be trying it next year. How brilliant is that :) Always wanted a little greenhouse!

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