Getting Your Kids Cycling

Family with kids cycling in summer with bicycles


Family with kids cycling in summer with bicycles


If you are looking for a fun activity that you can all enjoy together cycling is a great option. It keeps everyone fit and passes on a skill that your children can use for the rest of their lives.


Kitting everyone out

Getting bikes for everyone is easy. You can buy great cycles online without having to spend a fortune, and pick up all of the safety equipment you need there as well. The prices of helmets, safety vests and bike have all come down over the past few years.

It is important to buy the right bikes for your children. You need a bike that is safe for them to ride as well as comfortable. That means buying one that is the right size for them.

You also need to choose a bike that your child likes. They will not want to be seen riding a bike that they fill silly on, so this is actually quite an important consideration.


Teaching them to ride safely

Once you have the family kitted out it is wise for everyone to take a bike safety course. It really is the best way to learn to ride safely. Taking the course yourself will refresh your memory and help your children to understand just how important safety is.


Finding safe places to ride

Now you need to find safe places for your children, and you, to ride. You can go online to find safe cycle routes in your area or contact a local bike club for advice.

If you do choose to cycle on the roads, you need to be confident that your child is ready. It is wise to ride the route yourself at the time of day you are considering taking your children along that route. That way you can get a feel for the volume of traffic at that time of the day and work out where the danger points and hazards are.


Riding safely on the road as a family

If you are planning to ride as a group, it is best for one parent to lead the way and for the other to follow up at the rear. That way everyone stays together and the parent behind can spot any problems.


Consider joining your local cycle club

It can be a good idea to join your local cycling club. You and your children will meet more people and learn about safe cycling routes in your area. In addition, cycling with a club will take some of the stress out of cycling with young children. There will be other adults riding with you to help spot hazards and provide additional guidance and assistance when it is needed.


Start early

The sooner your child gets used to riding a bike the easier they will find cycling. If you can buy your child a trike and get them cycling in the garden or park. By the time they are ready to graduate to two wheels they will be completely comfortable with the idea of cycling and be keen to ditch the stabilizers.






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