Canvas Prints Make Perfect Gifts

fotografie vintage su texture grunge


fotografie vintage su texture grunge


We have some fantastic photos of our children, but the other day we realised that a lot of them are in digital format, which means that we are not really enjoying them on a daily basis. We occasionally sit down and go through them, but, when they are in a digital format, there is a tendency to flick quickly through photos looking at each photo for just a few seconds. I miss the old-fashioned way of sitting down and really looking at and enjoying a photo, but I also don’t want stacks of photo albums cluttering up the cupboards.

Fortunately, I have found a solution and that is to send my favourite prints away and have them turned into canvas prints. This beautiful print technique can turn any photo into a canvas print that looks like a professional painting.

The ones I ordered were wonderful. I have some up in each room and the low price means that I will be ordering more. My idea is to swap them out with the seasons. I have some beautiful photos of the kids at the beach for the summer, and some fantastic snow scenes that will look great on the walls during the festive season.

While flicking through and choosing my next batch of painting style prints I realised that these would also make great presents for other family members. For our home, I ordered mostly 16 by 16 inch square prints.

These are ideal because they are small enough to go up in groups and are ideal for bringing a bit of character to those bland nooks and crannies that every home has. The couple of 20 by 28 inch rectangles I ordered were for my larger rooms and were perfect for my feature walls.

For the present prints that I ordered, I went mostly for 8 x 8 inch prints. There is no way for me to know where my family will choose to use these prints, so I went for the smallest size because this gives them the most flexibility.

Choosing the frames was a bit trickier. To choose those I thought about the way my family’s homes were decorated and let that inform my choice of frame. When I was not sure of what colour, or type of frame, to order I went for the frameless option. With this option the picture extends and is stretched around the frame so that a little of the picture appears along the edge of the photo. This frameless option looks great in a home that is decorated in a contemporary or minimalist style.

The firm that I ordered my canvas prints from includes a free hanging kit with each print. They gift wrap the prints and allow you to add a personal message as well.
Some of these gift prints have already been sent and I am pleased to say that they have been well received. These prints really do make great gifts and ordering them only takes a minute or two, so if you are stuck for a present idea why not opt for a canvas print or two.




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