5 Simple Ways to Keep Kids Entertained this Winter

girls crochet


girls crochet


We all know that kids are non-stop, and they have the energy to burn. But, what we don’t know is how to harness that energy and tire them out so they will go to bed! The lack of good weather during winter often means finding different ways to keep them occupied. Whether you need some ideas to keep them entertained during the long, cold winter days or to keep the dreaded ‘I’m bored!’ at bay, we’ve got a few suggestions:


Get them cooking

Most kids love learning to cook so why not give them the opportunity to see what they can conjure up in the kitchen? Prepare for it beforehand and allow them to choose the recipe in good time to ensure you have all the ingredients they’ll need. Casserole dishes and crumble puddings are excellent winter warmers that are simple enough for even the beginner to do.


Have a film fest

I don’t like them watching TV all of the time, but sometimes there is nothing better than pulling over the blankets and putting on your favourite family film. We’ve recently introduced them to the original A-Team – some things never get old! We aren’t big sports fans but your family might like to gather for the latest game or your favourite TV series instead. Just make sure you hire someone like JNB Aerials so the connection is constant and up to date.


Read A Book

For me, reading is essential for kids. Firstly, it educates them outside of their lessons. Reading transports you to a different time and a world full of imagination. They can brush up on their love of history or science without it feeling like work. There is nothing in my view that can beat a good book and it seems that all of the children have followed suit. 


Get Out Of The House

Whilst we home educate it is still important for me to get them out of the house as much as I can. Cait has a couple of volunteering jobs, the boys do various clubs and they’ve recently joined up with an archaeology club too which is proving to be hugely popular with them. 


Encourage New Hobbies

Your children might already have extracurricular hobbies but fostering their interests at home is often easily done and can lead to a brand new hobby. We have cupboards full of craft supplies, wool, paints, sewing machines and more, and it’s amazing to see what children can produce when left with a load of supplies and their own devices. Alternatively, they might be interested in trying out a new language, testing out their musical skills or devising their own science experiment or two!


Do you have any tips to share on keeping kids occupied during the winter months? We’d love to hear them!










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