How To Make Money With Your Computer

laptop computer office


laptop computer office


Yesterday I covered some tips on things to bear in mind when thinking about working for yourself. As we ourselves have proven, setting up on your own can be done – even while you’re raising a family.

We bought our first PC back in 1998. It was so big and had so many parts to it that Mike left me with the two children that we had at the time in the store car park while he drove all the different boxes home first. He then had to return to collect us and the remaining boxes of bits and pieces in a second journey.

Neither of us had much experience with PCs, certainly not ‘modern’ ones like that! The printer sounded like a train chugging through the flat and websites, well, let’s just say there were a lot of flashing lights and moving text!

The internet has grown somewhat and now offers many opportunities for using it to make money. I get a lot of people asking for ideas so here are a few to get you started:


Outsource your skills:

If you have existing skills such as typing, administrative experience, web design or coding you can outsource them through sites where clients advertise their jobs. If you fit their requirements you make a bid on their job, stating the price you’ll expect them to pay. If they are happy with your quote they’ll award you the job and you’ll turn it around within the agreed timeframe.


Learn new skills

Don’t have skills you can use online? Get them. Yes, it really is that easy – there are lots of free courses and software to help you. You need to put in the time and effort to do it though. One of the first pieces of software was a typing tutor one from the local cash and carry’s bargain bin. I was devastated that I my record was a feeble 12 words per minute. Today I can touch type at 80-90 words per minute. It didn’t happen overnight. I practiced. A lot!


Start a website

If you’re planning on building a website through which you’ll market products or skills you’ll need to follow a few simple rules. Keep it clear – people don’t want to plough through endless clutter and they’ll soon leave a site that’s difficult to navigate. You might need to pay professionals to help get this off the ground though. Copywriters can make people feel that they can’t live without your product or service, good photos can make all the difference to presentation and the image you give and you’ll find keeping track of your visitors through a service like UX agency in London invaluable for learning about your market.


Try transcription

If you have a good ear and great typing speed why not try audio transcription? If you already own a PC the additional equipment can be bought for a relatively low cost and there are several agencies who outsource their work. It’s quite simple to do – the agencies send over audio files which you will then transcribe and return. It is time consuming though and peaceful surroundings help so do bear this in mind if you’re constantly surrounded by children.



The blogging scene has exploded in recent years and while not every blogger will make money, it is very possible to earn anything from a little pin money to a regular income from it. The best advice? Use your own voice and don’t try to imitate anyone else. People want to know you, not a second-rate, very poor version of someone else.



Have you found a way to make money online? Please do share your ideas with us in the comments below!








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