Secure your home for Christmas

art Christmas scene with tree gifts and fire in background


art Christmas scene with tree gifts and fire in background


The winter holiday season is coming and most of us are looking forward to spending time with our family and friends whether at home or away.

This season proves one of the biggest shopping weeks in the year with the BBC claiming an average £700 spend on Christmas shopping by British families. However, whilst stocking your home with the latest toys and gadgets is a must, this also makes your home more vulnerable to thieves.

During the Christmas season we tend to leave our homes more often to visit family and friends or just go out of town. It’s critical to reinforce the safety of your home over this period so that you can enjoy your Christmas holiday without nasty surprises.

Follow these tips to help secure and safeguard your home whilst you are out and about!


  1. Festive lighting

Whilst many home exteriors will be covered in festive lighting displays this holiday season it’s important to be aware that these may lead to safety hazards and jeopardise your home safety.

Making sure your lights are not fed by an internal power supply fed through partially opened windows will secure your home and will not highlight possible vulnerabilities. Use solar batteries or appropriate outdoor power outlets instead.


  1. Dispose of gift packaging securely

Gift season provides the most information about us to opportunistic burglars. Packaging reveals to thieves which goods are available in your home and allows them to judge the value of these items.

For these reasons, make sure you fold your packaging carefully and dispose of it appropriately. Rubbish collection dates are different over the holiday period so check these beforehand and do not leave your bins outside of your property boundary for too long.


  1. Plan your trips

Many people travel over the winter holidays to visit relatives and friends out of town. Whilst you are away over Christmas don’t make it too obvious that your home is empty.

Cancel your milk and mail deliveries even if it is for a couple of days.  Move all of your valuables away from windows and lock these away securely if possible. Investing in timing clocks for light circuits and radios can also help to create the illusion of normal everyday activity.


  1. Fortify your home

Before leaving your home for any trip look for any vulnerabilities of your home.

Don’t underestimate the importance of burglar alarms. Installing a security system in your home signals to thieves that you have protected your goods and can alert your neighbours and police of an unwanted intruder. Choosing a trusted supplier for your burglar alarm will further guarantee your home is adequately protected. GPS Installations offer regular maintenance with their security systems to ensure that their alarms always function correctly.


  1. Secure your garages and shed

Although garden tools may gather dust over the colder months the security of your shed should not be overlooked with regards to your home safety. The stock of your shed is not only valuable on its own, things like ladders, power tools and rakes may be used to force entry into your home. For these reasons and for your peace of mind secure your garden shed as thoroughly as you can this winter.







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