Christmas gift guide for the whole family








Shopping for gifts is definitely the hardest part of Christmas. You have to factor in so many different things: whether it’s suitable, whether they’ll like it, if it’s in budget. We’ve put together a list with some of our favourite ideas to make shopping for family and friends that little bit easier.



Clutch Wallet in Blue Nile - David Hampton
Clutch Wallet in Blue Nile – David Hampton

For Mum:

When it comes to mothers, buying the perfect present can be a difficult task. Get her a stunning David Hampton Leather Wallet that is both stylish and practical! Available in many different designs and colours, anyone would be lucky to receive one of these purses. There are zip wallets, clutch wallets, bifold wallets, large and smaller ones – anything you could ask for is there! Have a look at their wonderful wide-range collection here.




Snuggle sac pirateFor Baby:

Babies are another difficult one. They won’t remember anything they receive so sometimes it’s better to go the more practical route rather than give them expensive toys that will be broken by next year and they’ll have no recollection of. We love Snuggle Sacs – they’re warm and they look gorgeous! You can use them each night instead of a duvet, or pull them out when you’re going camping. Either way you and your child will love them! Have a look at Snuggle Sacs and more on the Ollie and Leila website here.




Minecraft Steve and Horse Wave 2 - House of Fraser
Minecraft Steve and Horse Wave 2 – House of Fraser


For the gamer:

We have plenty of Minecraft fans in our house so it’s no surprise that a lot of their requested gifts include merchandise. House of Fraser have a variety of toys that will make perfect presents for any young fan! You can find anything from a Creeper action figure to a Survival Figure pack within their selection of toys as well as a wide range of other action figures including Star Wars and Marvel.






Grace Deluxe Laptop Sleeve - STM Bags
Grace Deluxe Laptop Sleeve – STM Bags

For the on-the-go worker:

Being self-employed gives us the flexibility to work anywhere in the world, whether it’s at home, on a boat, or in a coffee shop. With laptops being our main piece of equipment, we own a fair few laptop bags. They’re usually the same basic black one that isn’t anything special, but now we’ve discovered the STM Grace Bag Range we’ve fallen in love! There are three amazing styles: the Grace Clutch, Grace Sleeve, and Grace Deluxe Sleeve, all of which do the job of keeping your technology safe while also being chic and sophisticated. Take a look at the Grace collection here.







For the gadget geek:

Robots are remarkable, especially when they are as advanced as the Roboquad. He reacts to sound, scans for intruders, move fast while travelling long distances and use it’s sensors to react to things around it. It might be a toy aimed at children – it’s high up on Sid’s list – but it seems to us that people of any age will love it! Buy one from Amazon here.




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